I must congratulate the concept eloPhotos brought to photography. I had passion for photography before but the use of your services rekindled my passion. The album is of top professional quality and I repeat my unreserved commendation which I expressed when the album was delivered. I sincerely wish eloPhotos well and look forward keenly to using your services again and again.

Gbade Ibrahim


Thanks a lot for making our day. The pictures were lovely and you truly captured every moment. From the first picture to the last, the pictures told the entire story and it was just fantastic. In fact too fantastic!!! Everyone who saw the pictures loved them. It was nice being able to relax that day knowing the pictures would turn out extremely well which was exactly what happened. Actually after I saw Gbemi Adekoya’s pictures, I knew I could count on you and you didn’t let me down. Thanks again and keep up the good work.

Olubusola Obebe


I am not naturally a photo person but must let you know that I am attached to eloPhotos. Their dedication and commitment to the job is out of this world. They made my wedding very memorable and still cherish those wonderful shots that others wouldn’t have captured. Then my photo shoot with them. I was shocked of their honesty after taking over 200 shots and was excited at the quality only to be called for another session because according to Seun, ‘Those shots were not up to the highest standard I wanted.’ What also shocked me was that the extra 150 shots I had was at no additional cost. I think we are about to witness the emergence of the best photography business ever in eloPhotos. I have been elsewhere but i think they are the only photography people that exist in my world at the moment.

Praise Fowowe


Truth is I’ve been telling anyone who cares to listen that you took my wedding pictures. Each time I look at my wedding album, I cannot help but thank God that you came my way just at the nick of time. I cherish those pictures so much… even more than the video. Just want to say thanks so much for bringing one of my dreams to pass which is having a grandeur wedding album. Also, I must say that you lived up to your word: CAPTURING EVERY MOMENT!!! God bless your work and make it the very best.

Olubusola Adun


Having privileged at a point to have eloPhotos cover my event, there are 3 basic words to describe them: Professionalism, Integrity & Excellence. Thumbs up to you guys

Segun Dangote


eloPhotos tells stories using pictures, making you fall in love with life all over again!!! First I saw the pictures from my unit’s get-together and I thought it was just a fluke. Then, I saw the picture of my son during the naming ceremony & I still have not stopped staring at the picture in my living room. It’s like staring at “God’s first gift of life through a pin-hole.” Thanks. You’re God’s gift to us in photography!!! Stay ahead!!!!

Sam Ighofome Oleita



Deji Aliu


I particularly enjoyed the personal touch your services come with. You made it easy for a “camera unfriendly” person like me to actually relax & pose.. Many thanks for that

Anuoluwapo Ojo


One of my most treasured possessions is a beautiful piece of the many photographs which I took at eloPhotos. I call the picture B.B.B(BLACK, BEAUTIFUL & BLESSED). I’m going to frame and hang it in my temporal resident. I like to see it always. I’d like it to hang them everywhere in my home eventually! eloPhotos services…..Just perfect and unique like what you’ve needed.

Yemi Bamgbose


eloPhotos, like fine wine, is maturing in the art of photography. Good beta best, don’t ever rest until your good is better & your beta best. Watch out for eloPhotos!

Dare Tanimomo


Oh again, I am still speechless maybe that was why you did not get my comments. The album and framed portrait are exceptionally beautiful. I actually do go through it on my own a lot because it always makes me feel good. You know I had always known you for your creativity so when it was my turn to get my wedding album, I said to myself “I knew it.” To cut the long story short, God bless you richly for making my wedding a memorable one.

Vivian Esogbue Dada


  1. Anonymous · February 16, 2012

    It is awesome sir


  2. JAMES ALADDI SOLOMON · June 10, 2014

    i want be your student..pls how can i start..?


    • elophotos · July 1, 2014

      Start by giving us a call on 08120129149 and let’s see how we can help map out your photography pathway to greatness


  3. Adeyemi Cole · August 7, 2015

    As a wanna be student still peeping from the outside i would like to tell the general that am so impressed with the stand of the academy more also with the way they attend to strangers.sincerely, i’m so impressed and will be looking forward to have my passion energized when i become one of the great family soon!


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