The Adventurous Couple: Bunmi & Tope

Fresh from the hectic schedule of NiPHEC 2013, the pre-wedding shoot of Bunmi & Temitope beckoned. Their love for black & white pictures is my energizer for the shoot and meeting the to be couple with their loads of costumes ranging from new school into the oldies I realized it’s going to be a long day out and I was ready to capture moments of Bunmi & Tope.

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I immediately introduced myself (Samueul Ijiyokunola) and my partner Micheal Agwunobi and confirmed with them again what the schedule for the day will look like. We were to kick off with the studio shots before we head out to the rail station at Ebutte Metta and onward to Oniru beach, our final destination. I think they love the result of our efforts.

Enjoy the adventurous pre-wedding moments of Bunmi & Tope that was captured as we eagerly await the joy of their wedding day in June. Hopefully the pictures that ensue will give you one more reason to count on us to capture your precious moments.

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A Photo Session with the Twins at 2

So my nephews (or is it nieces) were 2 about 2 weeks ago and being the official family photographer I was compelled to give them a 2nd photo session (the 1st being their 1yr old birthday) that lasted for 2hours. It was a tumultuous session that made me realize the importance of being a patient person. Amidst cries & laughter we attempted to get a few nice pictures depicted below.

At the end of the session, I had more respect for the wonderful parents depicted in therein. Although I know they’re not identical twins I still find it difficult to differentiate Fadeke from Folake. Maybe 2yrs of living in the same house with them will solve that challenge. Either way, it was fun doing the shoot & I can’t wait for the twins to be 3.

Pictures taken with Olympus E3, 12-60mm lens, Bowens 500 gemini light kit, a few chivita fruit juice & an abundance of patience & love.

Looking at the pictures, don’t you just feel like having twins? πŸ™‚ it is well

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A Colorless Photo Session With Bisola & OMJ

It all began on January 31st, 2012. I tweeted that I felt like giving someone a photo session. She was the first the respond with a good reason. I sent her an email with my conditions

…there’s a good chance that we’ll choose some of the pictures taken to showcase on our blog, website, exhibitions, competitions or future books I’ll be writing. We’ll watermark the pictures that will be put online so that will reduce the chance of it be used by anyone else. We will never sell your pictures to anyone. If I’m the one that will be taking the pictures and will not have the right to use the pictures for these purposes, it significantly reduces the level of creativity I’ll be bringing to the table…..except ofcourse you’re paying an amount that will really motivate me. Just tot I be frank with you upfront. Let me know what you think and we can take it from there & decide on a mutually convenient date

It was ok with her. 2 weeks later we were having fun with her handsome boy in our studios. I decided to go colorless. The rest is history. Let the pictures tell you the story of what went down. Pictures taken with an Olympus E3, 12-60mm f2.8 lens & Bowens Gemini studio lights kit.

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A Session with Omobolanle

The l last time I had a shoot with Omobolanle was Feb 14, 2009. She’s one of my mentors when it comes to “the art of writing.” We decided it was time to do another shoot. Interesting enough, this session would not be like the first one.

She was not in a very “happy” mood when we started. There were quite a number of things on her mind. What complicated matters was the fact that I had 2 assisstants with me in the studio during the session: that made her a little uncomfortable. She began to relax once they were no longer in sight.

After listening to her pour out her heart during the session, I realized that she’s a very strong woman at heart. She was talking, I was shooting and the atmosphere was getting less tense. It isn’t all the time one ends up with pictures of people laughing and smiling from the depths of their heart but I thought the pictures that came out of the session were……..EMOTIONAL. You be the judge & let me know what you think

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A pre-wedding session with Leke & Seyi

I met Leke 5 years ago while doing a corporate shoot for the organization he was working with then. “Intelligent” & “friendly” are two words i would use to describe him. Within 2 days of meeting him, he recommended us for the photography coverage of his brother’s wedding.

About 2 months ago, I got a call from him asking me for a photo session with the girl of his dreams. Some of the guys I’ve met that are friendly usually don’t settle for ladies that are equally friendly; this was going to be different. Its hard to tell whether his babe, Seyi, was “nicer” than Leke. Either way, I had mad fun shooting the couple in the city of abuja.

We used about 4 locations and I was glad I finally met (after a long while) a couple that was more adventurous than I am. Did I mention that I had fun……especially while taking the pictures at the police booth near the Ministry of Finance.

That the two are in love is no doubt whatsoever (at least to me). My only prayer is that they’ll speedily approve my photography bill for their wedding coverage because I just can’t wait to see how wonderful their day will be. It is well.

Pictures taken with Olympus e3 with 12-60mm lens & fl-50 flash. Enough of my gist. Listen to the pictures as they tell their story

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