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The Reason I Charge Exorbitant fees for our Workshops

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So I got a text message a few days ago that read thus: “…I guess each one of us is collecting a free copy of PICTURE THIS Magazine, that’s why we’ll be paying 2k for this upcoming seminar. If you keep increasing the fee like this, people like us will stop coming.”

Apparently a few photographers are upset that the fee we’re charging for the upcoming workshop on November 4 has been raised to 2k (as compared to the 1k that was paid for the last workshop in August). The argument was that if I can charge N1k for a workshop where the likes of Kelechi Amadi-Obi, Shola Animashaun, Ade Plumtre & Leke Adenuga facilitated, which BIGGER facilicitators will I be bringing for the November workshop to warrant a whopping 100% increase in the fee.

This is my attempt to justify the exorbitant fee.

First of all the last workshop in August was partly financed by Duduprintz Media. The hall that was used at Best Western costs only N250k and Duduprintz (in collaboration with HP) dropped almost half of the amount. If they had not done that, there’s a chance participants would have paid more than the N1k that was paid.

Secondly, each speaker that spoke did not get a dime in compensation. They came because of the relationship I had with them and because they all have a passion to impart on the next (and present) generation of photographers. The only compensation that I gave them was a complimentary copy of the magazine and a pack of Tantalizer’s fried rice and chicken. I didn’t even give Kelechi N10k to fuel his Toyota Sequoia for transporting him to & from the venue. If every participant had been charged N10k for what we got that day, I think it would still have been a token of appreciation for what we got. Heck, I ought to have paid the facilitators a token of a minimum of N100k each for what they shared with us that day.

Thirdly, the main facilitator that will be speaking at the forthcoming workshop will not be speaking for FREE. Though he’s been a friend of mine and our personal BRAND coach, I insisted that it won’t be fair if I don’t give Emmanuel Bright a small token (compared to what he normally charges for such workshops). Try getting a BRAND consultant and you’ll have an idea of the cost implications.

Fourthly, no other company is helping to foot the expenses associated with this workshop (venue, flyers, etc). Everything is being footed by eloPhotos. And if you think our primary objective is to make money from such gatherings, well……nothing I can write here will probably change your mind.

Lastly, I’ll be allocating about N100 for each participant to cover the cost of buying donuts and bottle water. Sorry, we would have ordered for a meal at Tantalizer’s but that will require us to charge a more ridiculously exorbitant fee.

I sincerely hope these exuberant workshop fees won’t make you stop attending our gatherings. And in case that happens, I apologize for such inconveniences. If there are any other companies that you might know of that will gladly foot the bill associated with these type of workshops, I’ll appreciate if you let me know so that we can be charging N100 as gate fee.

The deadline for registering with N2000 was October 31st and I sure hope you have registered. If you haven’t, you can still pay N2500 to register between now and November 4, 2012. As for me, I’m looking forward to the 2 “surprise” speakers” we’ll be having. Missing this workshop might very well be the reason why I might not be a great photographer……

Plan to attend the workshop on November 4: The Multi-Million Naira Photography Brand
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The Gathering of 201 Nigerian Photographers

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So we witnessed the largest gathering of Nigerian photographers on August 26, 2012. Attached herein are a few pictures taken at the recently concluded workshop on “Running a Profitable Photography Business”.

Facilitators included Kelechi Amadi-Obi, Yetunde Babaeko, Leke Adenuga, Shola Animashaun, Emmanuel Effiong-Bright, Folake Ojeikere & Ade Plumptre. If you missed this gathering of 201 Nigerian photographers, don’t miss the next workshop slated for November 4, 2012.

The Photography Revolution has begun.
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