“Do not blame the rich, they do not know how it feels to be poor.” That is the interpretation I gave to the outburst of a speaker at the summit I attended recently, saying cameras that are not high ends are scraps. But he failed to teach us how to get there. As much as I agree that a very good and very expensive gears kill the job for you as a photographer, you do not get to access such gears at startup except you have a rich family background. So how do you save up to acquire the “high ends” if not by using the “scraps,” which makes great images as well; after all, the camera only makes the image your eyes already saw.

I suppose he is one of the rich dudes that started out as a big boy. I sincerely did not get his point because not even he will lend out his “high-end” gear to a newbie photographer, so how does a “not privileged” newbie pull through? Really, I am grateful for the foundational education in eloPhotos, very balanced I must say.

Analysing Bayo Omoboriowo and his philanthropic photography was a high point in the week for me. Yes I call a philanthropist; His foresight is deep, his interest and commitment to things and people is impressively genuine. So many of us photographers pursue money, but he personifies the saying; “Pursue your passion and success/money will follow you pants down.” The whole event of “The Coversation”/Book launch held at the Presidency showcased his high level of wisdom,value-adding attribute, forward thinking, humility, human relations… I can go on and on, the guy
captured my heart. And all these attributes did not just jump on him as the presidential photographer, he has upheld these values and the philanthropic nature since when he was a street photographer, had a personal experience with him back in the years. Something cuts at me, who does that? Giving all the proceeds from his book launch to IDPs (Internally Displaced Persons).

All the efforts, all the calibre of people who attended the event and their supposed depth of donations! Who does not like money, not even in this recession. It reiterated the truth that; “Joy is not defined by wealth, it is contentment that has its key,” and “wealth is not in money, but how many lives you affected positively.”

October 1st won’t leave my mind in a haste, not just because it was Nigeria’s Independence, but this contentment thing that brings joy confronted me again. Took out time with some younger friends to go visiting some families unannounced, just to show some love. Touched quite a number of places but one stood out. More than meeting a full house (the whole family members were present), much more than meeting them eating, the aura in the home lighted my heart. Even though we were getting tired by then because of moving from one place to the other, we were energized by the so much love in the family. They were not the “rich” that had varieties to munch, they did not have beautifully painted walls, well tiled floors or beautiful sofas, but they had joy.

We actually met all of them; Dad, mum and four well-built young men eating “garri (cassava flakes) and beans” from the same plates, gisting and laughing over the meal. Wow! I felt that was awesome and will be more tasteful than eating “fried rice and chicken” crampy. They were all very friendly and funny, I sincerely loved what I saw. Contentment is sure a virtue to be valued in life.

I am not sure going to stop taking life lessons as I, Mosopefoluwa Onanusi, savor my photography skill learning.

Attached are pictures taken last week. Do let me know what you think of them

evening-sky-ait-rd-6 evening-sky-ait-rd-10 macror-1 rainbow-after-rain-ait-rd


​There’s a rumble in my tummy but it’s not hunger pangs neither is it dysmenorrhea or constipation; I’m falling in love. I can’t seem to fathom how and when this happened, he’s got me drawn to his personality; every day and every time I try to get an understanding of who he is, I get drawn to him further. I understand better what Sinach meant when she sang “the more I know you, the more I want to know you”. I can hardly sleep these days, I’m either pondering on what I just found out about my love or trying to find out more; it’s like he follows me everywhere I go because even while I’m walking, talking, eating, boarding a bus I keep seeing him around. I find him so irresistible and I can’t stand it anymore. I’ve found some people that are experienced in this kind of love affairs, they are training me on how to love him better and maximize this love to yield pleasant results. There are also lots of people who having been through this kind of love took the initiative of writing their experiences both good and bad to the benefit of upcoming lovers like myself, I’m trying to exploit that as well.

My love life is quite complicated like a few other love affairs in our society, I get to sacrifice a few things to satisfy my lover like my four month old job, a few meals, my sleep and most of all my laziness but my dear lover is also enduring and patient with me to learn to love him at my own pace, the opportunity to love him is one of the sweetest things that has ever happened to me and he has enough room for my many flaws and even when I feel stupid, inferior and unworthy, he has a way of encouraging me to keep on.

My love is very vast and it seems I can’t comprehend him but he knows I can be versatile if I want but he’d be glad if I could just love him in my own way be it wide-angled or otherwise as long as I can focus and compose. He says I should use the right speed to allow just enough illumination so I don’t get under-exposed or super-exposed results. As expensive as my love’s family may be to maintain, they are the most accommodating and friendly I’ve met lately; because of their luxurious nature my parents had not supported my decision at first but after much persuasion and my determination I succeeded in acquiring their support to a reasonable extent.

He tends to improve himself always so I don’t get bored of doing the same thing all the time, lately he told me that he could make me see things in 360o, I thought that’d be creepy would I have to turn my head all 360o as well. He told not to worry that I’d be pleased with the results and viola just the way he said it, it happened. All I have to do is chose what I want to see per time. In essence I have control of what I’m seeing. I’m not that perfect, I’m surely not to going to doubt the love he reciprocates towards me anymore, though it may seem difficult anytime I try understanding him.

He’s told me I can use him to influence my world and that’s just superb, all I need do is make him  understand what he has to do and with my creativity and skill we can positively influence the world we found ourselves in. I’m super excited about my new love and even though it took a while for me to break up with my first love, I’ve not regretted anything so far.

My name is Enor Izomor and I love PHOTOGRAPHY so much. Proudly a Nigerian Female Photography intern at Elophotos Academy.

The N500 million Photography Studio


Those were the words uttered by client G when met at my office on May 20, 2014. Judging from the fact that he kept to our 2pm appointment, I could sense that he was a disciplined man with a large heart. After hiring consultant Dee to help him set up a photography Lab/studio, client G had opened for business less than a year ago.

He would later discover (after investing tens of millions of Naira) that Dee was a fraud whose main goal was to squeeze out as much money as he could from his clients. One major error that G made was to seek professional advice from someone who wasn’t in the photography business. As a result of Dee’s consultation, G had used up what I considered unnecessary resources to set up a photography business that wasn’t turning out profit. He eventually attended the just concluded Nigeria Photography Expo & Conference and decided that the success of his business was dependent on him seeing a doctor. He decided the doctor would be me.

After he narrated the situation of his business, there were 2 things I was able to diagnose immediately: he had hired too much staff for a startup photography business & he had no marketing plan in place to bring the type of customers he wanted. He would eventually tell me of another client Cee that had hired the services of consultant Dee.

For whatever reasons unknown to me, client Cee had heeded the advice of consultant Dee and had gone ahead to invest N500 million in a photography printlab located in a part of Lagos that wasn’t too “photographer-friendly”. Eventually business didn’t turn out as expected and now client Cee is looking at opting out of the business less than 2 years after investing such an outrageous amount.

If only I had access to such funds, photography & photographers in Africa will not be the same. How on earth could someone take advice from a consultant who isn’t a successful professional in the field of photography….and eventually pour out N500 million (80% of which would go into the purchase of high tech cameras, printers and other photography equipment). If such a person would contact me now for advice, I’ll first give him one “hot” slap before proceeding with my therapy for his business.
And then it occurred to me that there are thousands of novices out there with the same mind set as client Cee. They think that buying a canon 5d mark iii as their main camera will make clients hire them. They think that having the best & most expensive printing equipment will automatically bring customers their way. They invest more in gadgets and fail to invest equally in the people that will handle the equipment and meet face-to-face with the clients. Perhaps it could be that they consulted people like consultant Dee.

If you fall in the category of clients with the mindset of client Cee or if you’ve gotten erroneous advice from consultants like Dee, there is hope for you. My name is Seun Akisanmi and I consult for businesses & individuals in the photography industry (& those considering entering the industry). If you want your photography business or career to standout in a seemingly congested industry, there are at least 2 consultants you should see asap: consultant Dee or Seun Akisanmi. Many have consulted the later and have no regrets whatsoever because ultimately their success becomes my testimony.

And if by any chance that client Cee is reading this, there’s still hope for your business…TRUST ME.

If you’re humble enough to consider hiring me as your consultant (or having me as your mentor), I’ll be honored to help set you up for success in the photography industry. Email me at or call 08120129149
Plan to take a photography course at eloPhotos Academy. Visit eloPhotos Academy for a detailed list of options of classes to take. It will be the best investment you’ll make in your journey to photography greatness