Diary of a Photography Intern

Knowledge is power and a man without it is definitely powerless. No wonder the GOOD book says “knowledge is the principal thing… with all thy getting, get understanding.” Last week has not only met my cravings; it has empowered me. It made what has long seemed mystical and far away to be demystified and near.

The week started with a lot of enthusiasm and questions on my mind due to a practice shoot I had over the weekend. The enthusiasm got to a peak when, on getting to the office, I was asked to join the participants of the summer boot camp for teenagers. Thanks to my able boss and mentor Mr. Seun Akisanmi, that was the beginning of a resourceful week . In the course of the week, I was introduced to the fundamentals of photography by our different lecturers who taught us in the simplest form of language even toddlers would have understood the technical terms.

The training lasted 6hours (9am – 3pm) daily & was great fun. Learning among teenagers can be very humbling; I felt like a teenager once again. Monday morning class started with the Lead Facilitator of eloPhotos Academy, Mr. Samuel Ijiyokunola assisted by Mr. Afolabi Oloyede of 4labi4tos.com. We were taken through the meaning of photography, history of photography and future of photography. I never knew camera obscura existed before the pinhole camera which I taught was the first type of camera. It was interesting to learn that it had an exposure time of 8hours; I wonder how those guys coped with 8hours of waiting for an exposure!

I also learnt one of the latest achievement in the world of camera: the mirrorless camera. Now I can’t imagine where this thing called photography is heading to. Class ended on Monday with a assignment. Tuesday morning Mr Oloyede Afolabi was right on time to pass some knowledge for the day. Lateness was never condoned by the boss and class kicked off at 9am promptly. Mr Afolabi further took us into the 2 “parts” of photography: the science part and the art & composition part. The science of photography we were told is the use of light while the art and composition is the artistic content of photography. He displayed various photographs pointing out which one is the science category, art and composition category and both.

Mr. Sam took us through types of cameras, image file format and the photography triangle. Classes ended on Tuesday and he announced practicals will start on Wednesday. Now this was getting interesting and I couldn’t wait for Wednesday to come.

Wednesday morning came. We all were ready to handle the camera. Mr Tayo Babalola was the instructor for the day. He took us through the names of each buttons on the camera and their uses. He also explained the various shooting modes on the modes changing button and it was time to shoot! Everyone handled each camera provided for each student with excitement shooting all the “shootables” & practicing in different shooting modes.
On Thursday I was privileged to learn from one of the big fishes in the industry, whose name I have heard at different times: Kikelomo of RED 19 Photography. At first I couldn’t match the tall and high preconceived image I had in my mind with the cute & skinny figure standing in front of me. It was then I quickly realized that greatness has nothing to do with physical size. Kike passionately took us through the mathematics in photography. Mathematics has it way of cutting across almost everything and photography is not left out. She explained the calculations of image resolutions, total pixels in an image, depth of field, exposure and the use of flash light; all these in a simple language any mind could understand.

On Friday, we had quite lots of time to practice some more. Mr Afolabi Oloyede was right on board to, revising and reemphasizing all we had learnt through the week. He practically touched on everything we had been learning through the week. It is important to mention that we were not boringly loaded with knowledge; each day came with lunch for everyone, tasteful delicious jollof rice with biscuit and 5 alive to keep us alive.

Last week was also the first week of enacting the responsibility roster. Everyone faithfully abided by the duties for each day and I was not left out. As the one in charge of water, I discharged my duty fetching water to fill the empty water storage assisted by Mr Owabie.

The week got to the peak for me on Friday evening when we had a meeting. Calling it a business meeting is not an exaggeration as we sat like executive board members deliberating on core business issues. The only difference is the absence of long table and exotic chairs. This really gave me a new orientation that photography is not just a hobby or trade, it is a business, and Elophotos is an organization that took this business seriously.

Looking forward to another great week ahead.

My name is Toye Peters and I’m proud to be a photographer.

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Vacancy for Photography Internship Position

So a senior colleague has a vacant position for an intern. Herein is a summary of the requirements he’s looking for.

Personality: Personality is important because you’ll be working in a team unit. You’ll need to have a positive attitude at all times. You’re also representing the photographer on-set, so you need to interact with the clients respectfully.

Drive/Passion: Let’s face it, if you knew it all you wouldn’t be applying for the internship, so let’s leave the ego at home. Come ready and wanting to learn. We can only help those who want to learn and are eager to advance their careers in photography.

Talent: I look for people who have potential. If you are a newbie, take some time and focus on learning the basics. Develop a portfolio and then contact me. It takes a lot of energy to mentor an intern, so I have to be choosy with my time investment. I want to help everyone but that’s not possible. I want to take those who are on the verge and get them to their potential.

Work Ethics: Photoshoots are not a walk in the park. You will be asked to work in extreme conditions. Long hours on set are likely. You will be asked to hustle. You will sweat. You will be thirsty. You will be hungry. You will have fun. When you’re not on set, you will be asked to scout locations, do research, run errands, etc. Your errands will be photography related (Well, more or less). All these things that you do will help you with your own photography business down the road.

Discreteness: When you meet my clients on set, don’t go home and Facebook friend request them. Please respect their privacy. Social media is great, but please think twice before you put anything on blast. When on set, no cellphone pics or videos are permitted. Some campaigns are confidential until it actually is released to the public. I’m also a very private person, so please be discrete about my personal life.

Availability: Sometimes I’ll get last minute bookings, Long hours on set are likely. You will be asked to hustle. You will sweat. You will be thirsty. You will be hungry. You will have fun. When you’re not on set, you will be asked to scout locations, do research, run errands, etc. Your errands will be photography related (Well, more or less). All these things that you do will help you with your own photography business down the road.

Responsiveness: If you get an email/text from my assistant or me, you need to respond quickly. Not the very next day. It’s a fast pace business.

An internship is only the first step in your photographic career. The next step is to turn the internship into an assistant position.

Other Details

It’s a NON-PAYING position
It’s for 3 months (November 2012 – January 2013)
It may lead to a paid employment at MOdAMO. Interested applicants should send an email to info@modamo.com and be sure to include “internship” in the subject field.

Plan to attend the workshop on November 4: The Multi-Million Naira Photography Brand
Plan to take a course at our ACADEMY

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