Everyone I shot was a celebrity

Every one I shot was a celebrity!! I do not have a gun and I certainly cannot fire one. But the camera is my weapon and when it shoots, I still remain an innocent citizen. Yeah I know, those catchy blog headliners. That said though, I am merely reminiscing about my experience during the AISL (American International School Lagos) PTO- organised fun-day on the 10th of March 2012.

I guess I did not think too much about the event before it happened. I was there as an assistant to elophotos studios to cover the event photographically. However after the experience, I got color blocked! Maybe it’s the fact that the event was so colorful and the fact that it was a school! All I had been accustomed to from having attended a mission school growing up were different shades of “gray”.

Anyway, it was quite an opportunity to see again the true meaning of a rhyme I learned in those mission schools:

Jesus loves the little children
All the children of the world
Red or Yellow, black and white;
They are precious in his sight;
Jesus Loves the little children of the world

LIke you might have seen from an earlier piece I wrote from covering a 10th birthday party, I don’t get too excited about covering child events, but this was different. Many nationals from all the continents were here represented, in this school. And one thing is common to all of them, everybody loves fun! I saw that beyond all the different prejudices we are brought up with; we all are really the same underneath and once again I appreciated what it meant to be truly free.

The children were the celebrities, who sang, mimed and danced and played their hearts out! Oh yeah there were side attractions like Banky W and Wizkid who performed a DJ mix of his most popular tunes getting massive air play on radio and all that. But it was the kids I loved most. Their smiles and laughter were just too precious. The laughter, the fun, the hearty shrieks of children ecstatic from jumping over every thing and anything, the slides, the games, the trampolin, the video, the mountain “challenge” simulator, the red carpet, the stretch limousine and so much more; it was fun all the way.

I think the greatest kudos however is to the parents. The fact that they took time out to have fun with their kids this way is just priceless. *Sigh* you made me wish I was a kid again!! Or maybe I should start planning to have my kids. Either way, the celebrity kids were fun to shoot and I would gladly do it again anyday.

Adetunji Oremosu
Plan to attend the next session of Basic Course in Photography
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Similarities between Myself & AISL students

American International School Lagos had their annual fun fair this last saturday March 10, 2012. I was there to take pictures as a backup photographer with Elophotos, my elder in the industry. Before now I used to think I was 60per cent pako & 40 percent but-tush. Well I was in for a surprise when I found out I had similarities with kids I considered 100 per cent but-tush. (•͡.̮ •͡ )

Wizkid! Wizkid!! Wizkid!!! Those were shouts from the kids the moment it was announced that the celebrity artiste of the day had arrived. Well I didnt shout like they did; its just that I couldn’t request for an autograph & no pictures for me with the stars (Banky W & Wizkid) as it was my duty to take pictures of the day’s event. 😦

“Sing pakurumo! Sing pakurumo!! They shouted at Wizkid, imagine my surprise to think that children of this calibre could even pronounce d word “pakurumo” not to talk of the fuji dance steps they added to spice up the moment. Well I sang along too but not without my camera, I just couldnt dance like they did. Who says “pakurumo ko joo dada” is razz?? Winks

Running around without shoes: A little while after the fun day took off, there were kids running around barefooted (not just Nigerians, even including “white” kids). Really!!! That was the expression on my face I would never have thought such kids would run around without shoes. Well I did pull-off my jelly sandals as I also got tired of wearing them at a point. Nobody looked at me as if it was weird because if American International School Students could do it, then I could. 🙂

Posing for pictures in the Limo: As part of the fun fair a parent loaned the school a Hummer Limousine for the day. Jeeeeeez!!! Everyone including parents wanted to catch a glimpse. They all took turns posing & taking pictures in the Limo. Well just like Wizkid sang “Dont Dull” guess what I didn’t, I took pictures posing in the Limousine. If they could do it, who says I cant. Abegi snap my picture joor. 🙂

Enough said. I had fun knowing that I had so many things in common with a class of people I though I wasn’t in their class.

Abiola Oladeinde
Lgld Belle Photographie

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Photographs of a “Fruitful” Celebration

I covered this event some time ago and decided to document “faceless” memories. It will later turn out to be one of the most interesting and creative birthday celebration I’ll cover.

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Daystar 2011 Christmas Carol in Pictures

I had fun at the just-concluded carol concert at Daystar Christian Centre. My back aches too. Was so excited about uploading the pictures that I figured they did not need any extra editing; they look just fine to me. Multiple award-winning music guru/professor Kunle Pinmiloye really did a great job in partnership with the best choir in the world, HEALING STREAMS of GOD. Well done. I took about 5900 pictures & after 4 hours of sorting them out, I was able to narrow them down to about 160 really nice ones. Equipment used: Olympus e520 with 50-200mm lens, 14-54mm lens (ISO 400) & Nikon D2X 85mm lens (ISO 250). Enough written, enjoy viewing

I LOVE Photographing Funerals

Hear me out. I know what you’re thinking. It’s not that I enjoy seeing people bury their loved ones. It’s just that……how do I explain myself without shooting myself in the foot? A few months back, I got a call from my superstar father. Twas one of the few times he was sad on the phone. “Your uncle passed away this morning” he said. I was shocked. Shocked because I called him (my uncle i.e.) a week earlier to say hello. he was 63. There wouldn’t be any wasted time in burrying him. Funeral arrangements were made for two weeks later. There wasn’t a serious budget for photography so I wasn’t contacted to submit a quote. By now everyone in the extended family had known me to be someone who doesn’t offer free photography services to family members; they usually don’t appreciate it. The D day came and I told my dad I would be covering the day in pictures. Although he had gotten someone else, he was grateful I offered. I had my reasons. The major one being the fact that I love photographing funerals. My wife hates the fact that I love it but I just love it. And here’s the reason why: it gets me thinking. I’m thinking of the fact that I would die someday. There you go again rejecting “death” in Jesus name but the truth is we will all die someday. Sometimes I wonder which is better: going at a good old age (defined by many to be 80+ yrs) or going when you’re between 40 & 80. Just thinking out loud. And the fact that it gets me thinking makes me take stock of my life. I’m asking myself “what does it profit a man if he photographs the whole world, gets paid the whole money, drives the best cars, marries the most beautiful girl, buys the most beautiful houses…..& looses his soul”. When my uncle was being “laid to rest” I wondered…..so this it. This is how I will end up one day. His children were in tears, the wife was tearfully praying, the Reverend was preaching and I was thinking. Thinking and photographing. Photographing so the moment will not be forgotten by….. Thinking & Photographing….& then my eyes started leaking. They always start leaking water whenever I see the loved ones of the deceased crying. I’m taking the pictures, I’m thinking & I’m crying. I knew some of the reasons why the wife was crying. And then I thought to myself again….that when I go down 6ft under, & people shed tears for me, it should be because they will be missing a representative of God on planet earth. So I came back from the funeral refreshed like I just got back from a vacation. Refreshed to live a life that will be worth crying for when it is no more. It doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t charge you my standard fee if you need my services. Its just that I love photographing funerals because it gets me thinking…..thinking of life beyond the grave