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Invest in photography that becomes more precious with time. Choose photographers you can trust, photographers with integrity, photographers who will be there for you (& on time) on your big day. When looking at their work, ask yourself, can the photographers create moments of fun and lightness and then capture them? Great photographic moments often happen in a split second & it takes a seasoned photographer with a “good eye” to be ready to capture such events before & when they happen.

When assessing wedding pictures, be sure to look at the facial expressions in the group shots. These emotions are a direct indication of the ambience created by the photographer at that time. Look at a minimum of 2 complete weddings from start to finish then ask yourself: Do you feel or wish you were there? Were you emotionally moved by the pictures? Was the presentation and print quality to the standard that you are happy with? Is the style of the photography you are shown exactly what you want for your album? If not, choose other photographers. At eloPhotos, our photojournalistic but relaxed style is not for everyone. In other words, we believe in capturing the moment without interrupting the emotion in the air. If you or your partner are uncomfortable being photographed in this manner, consider booking a photographer who meets your standard or style of photography.

Photographers will always show you their finest photographs at the enquiry stage; judge their ability on what you see and what other previous clients have to say about them. Remember, it is easy to take 3 or 4 excellent pictures at each wedding. It’s a different story taking 300 excellent and unique images at each wedding. At eloPhotos, our customer service is so exceptional that we will give you (upon your request) the phone numbers of every client (YES, EVERY CLIENT) we’ve worked with so that you can call & get a more objective reason why we might (or might not) be your choice for world-class photography. Choose photographers you can have fun with.


When you seek out your venue, do have your photographer’s availability to hand. Some photographers have instant availability checkers online to help you set a date for your wedding.

Fantastic grounds and landscaped gardens are great when the sun is out. If photography is high on your list of priorities (& it should be if you’re viewing this site), you will want to choose a venue that can provide covered places and rooms away from the guests where you can go for photographs if it is raining.

Avoid a venue that insists you use their ‘approved’ suppliers. Stay flexible and enjoy making your day unique.

A reception venue and its staff will help set the style and pace of the day. From city slick hotels to chic event halls, here are a few of our favorite venues. We have found them all to have the magical qualities required for a fantastic wedding (and/or reception venue):

The Balmoral Hall, Oregun, Ikeja

The Eko Hotel, Victoria Island, Lagos

The Civic Centre, Lekki

Archbishop Vining Memorial Church Hall, Ikeja GRA

Shehu Yar ‘Adua Centre, Abuja

Transcorp Hilton Hotel, Abuja

The Events Centre, Agidingbi, Ikeja


When setting the timings for the day start with the fixed elements and work backwards or forwards until all the pieces of the jigsaw fall into place.

The important things to remember are:

1) Your wedding day starts from the time you wake up (i.e. if you get any sleep at all & you ought to). Plan to enjoy every moment.

2) Imagine the day from the point of view of your guests. When will they want to eat? Are there times that will seem flat? Should they begin serving food before the couple enters the reception venue? Remember, many guests will not forget your wedding day if they were not served food at all.

3) It’s your wedding day, so allow plenty of time to chat with your guests after your photographs have been taken.


We are not going to tell you what shoes to wear; our advice is with regard to keeping them clean & making sure they are comfortable.

For April to October weddings we suggest you have a pair of comfortable shoes or white flip-flops with you at the reception. The grass may be wet, and if you want to make use of the grounds for some photographs you may prefer to leave your Ralph Lauren or DKNY inside.

The important thing is to get shoes that will be comfortable for you, not just those that only match the colors of your day. You’ll be wearing them for at least 6 hours, so comfort should be priority.


Right from the start of your day you should relax and enjoy it. Protect yourselves from people who fuss, complain or bring “bad news”. The car may be late, the flowers may be a different shade of pink, it may be raining. Don’t let these things worry you.

If you stay chilled and are prepared for some last-minute hiccups you will have a much better day and look far more attractive in your wedding pictures.

Delegate all the ‘on the day’ tasks like taking the order of service booklets to the church or delivering the men’s buttonholes to the hotel. This is the duty of your bridesmaid or best man. In other words, do whatever it takes for you to stay relaxed.


It is important that you meet us before a booking is made. The timings and detail of your day need to be established in order to make sure it is possible for us to take the pictures that you want whatever the weather. There is no point in you making a large investment in photography on your wedding day if the opportunities or the time do not exist for us to take great pictures. We must also ensure that we can fulfill your needs and that our style is exactly what you are after. You will need to study our albums and see the fantastic print quality first hand. It’s only then that you will realize the true value of our work. Our albums are a collection of images that are eloquent and self-supporting; they tell the story of a wedding in a consistently beautiful style and quality.


If you book eloPhotos, a pre-wedding or engagement shoot is the best way for you to get to know us and start to build what we hope will be a great working relationship. It will be very informal; you can have some fun, and get some fantastic pictures too.

The session can last up to an hour or more, and in that time you will relax in front of the camera and begin to experience the uniquely intimate nature of our style.

Photographs taken at the shoot can make fabulous presents for parents or gifts that will be given to your guests.


While you enjoy your honeymoon, we will transform your wedding pictures into a collection of stunning images. At eloPhotos, we use sophisticated digital techniques to ensure consistent quality throughout the set of final pictures. Depending on the choices you make when you book us, your images will either be ready for viewing at www.eloclients.com or your album(s) & framed pictures will be sent to you within four to six (4 – 6) weeks of your wedding.


Once a client of eloPhotos, always a client. You only need one look at our baby & pregnancy photography to realize that the friendships and fun formed at your wedding will continue for years to come. Seun truly believe in long-term relationships with their clients. A new life begins on your wedding day, one that will benefit from world-class photography for generations to come.


  1. grazee · March 19, 2013

    informative and helpful…….


  2. Mr Bakrin · August 10, 2013

    A well detailed and documented information! I like the composure of the words and though am not ready for marriage yet but your words sways me to wanna haace one.


  3. Osaz · October 17, 2013



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