My Laptop is FOUND

“The unfaithful Friday night”, “The undesired Saturday morning” or any other topic could have been the title of my essay this week. Yet, neither of these titles adequately paints a picture for my readers of my experience on this particular day and night.

One title that seemed striking and close enough is: My laptop is stolen. But, as soon as I get close to picking up my pen to write, I remember the part of Scripture that says:

“…beat your plowshares into swords, and your pruninghooks into spear: let the weak say I am strong…”

That is what informed my decision to get positive in my confession.

The week had an exciting start to it; we were mainly up on our shooting practice. For me, I loved the decision to do this because I had decided earlier in the year to bump up my study on light and composition. The house was divided into groups, with the new set of students constituting a major part of the group numbers. The Boss had introduced a picture for everyone to work on and replicate. This was followed by a general practice session and my group finally had its own turn on Thursday.

Sal Cincotta was another memorable part of the week. We continued the exploration of his video seminar, and the lessons never stop coming in. Again, a wood project was completed. It was a Red 19 project aimed at making shaped wooden material. We made a stool and then cut out the alphabets O, N, and E from the wood. This shoot took place during the weekend and two of our new students at the Academy were invited along for it.

Fast forward to Friday and that’s when the drama took place. Boss had made a trip to Ogbomoso for a Ted-x show he was speaking at. The day started quite calm and quiet and the class was billed to start with watching Boss’s favorite movie: In Pursuit of Happiness. Our tools of study extend beyond the regular – sometimes, movies and videos can also be a part of our learning materials. And, a lot of times, one can hardly imagine before-hand the extent of knowledge one will acquire from these kinds of resources.

After the movie came other trainings and practice. We had a long and instructive editing class facilitated by Mr Segun and all classes ended with everyone rushing to complete the group assignments. Most of the groups were yet to complete and submit their assignments and Saturday was almost out of place for any meeting to hold. We had the state-wide sanitation which meant restricted movement in the morning, a home-service shoot thereafter and some of the team mates were traveling, too.

So, the office was closing down and lots of activities were rushed to round off the week. Hey! The weekend was here; Monday was a fresh start.

As I looked towards the table, I saw my laptop which seemed to be saying to me that home was waiting. I really could not wait, as I had been out for two weeks prior to that time. I actually considered leaving my laptop in the office, since I will be in on Saturday. But, since I had some uncompleted project to attend to, I decided to pick it up and headed for home.

It was late in the night, the traffic was heavy, the ATM I intended using did not work, so I made my way to another distant bank. Finally, I walked into my room to discover that my roommate had traveled. The house was quiet and looked like cockroaches had held a party in the apartment. I ignored all these and settled in to the Fried potatoes and Akara I had bought for dinner.

Before I knew it, it was midnight; so I made my way to the rug to lie down. The gospel jazz music I put on was good for my mind and as the music played on, my eyes began their decent into sleep.

I woke up in the morning and sleepily moved to reach for my laptop. It was then I recognized that the music I was playing the night before had stopped. My hand probed further to find my charger intact – securely plugged in but it charged nothing.

Then my heart went cold with the realization: someone had visited my apartment while I slept!

What do you think?

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