Behind The Scene

Be Ambitious.

The business of photography is meant for industrious people. It is for resourceful men and women who are determined to be successful, rich, powerful, and unique in any position they find themselves. Just as the Bible says in Hab.2:2:

"And the Lord answered me, and said, ‘Write the vision, and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it.’"

The vision that is written down is not meant for you to merely look at but to run with. This will keep you always on your toes to achieve your set goals.

Have an eye for details.

Your ability to pay attention to the relevant things, and also capture what is important, sets you apart from others.

Business attitude.

Be disciplined with regard to your finances. As a business person, have a financial goal, learn how to make profit from your skills and know how to strike a balance between family and business. One customer with a good impression of you is better than ten customers having bad impressions of you.


A creative eye is an integral part of photography. The only thing that will make you relevant in the next ten to twenty years to come in the photography business is creativity. Be innovative with your lighting, composition and focus, so that the beautiful mental picture can become reality. Also, be innovative in your planning, management, pricing, and packaging – in all aspects of your work.

Familiarity with legal documents.

A lot of photographers have lost great opportunities and have been punished unjustly because they didn’t know their legal rights. As a photopreneur, be familiar with contracts, copyright laws and other legal issues that may arise in the course of your work.


Social media tools are great instruments for networking. Connect yourself with other photographers that are exceptional and unique, in order to be mentored and informed about some of the rudiments of photography. Humble yourself to be under the tutelage of someone you respect. Do not think you know it all, because there are one or two things you don’t know and need someone to teach you!

Technical skills.

Develop your technical skills. Know how to handle all photography equipment. For example, though you use a Nikon camera, don’t stop at learning about all the technical aspects of Nikon cameras. Learn how to handle Canon cameras as well.

Develop people skills.

Your people skills will help you greatly when communicating with your clients on the kind of posture you want from them when shooting.

All I have shared above are those things that go on behind the scenes for every great photographer. And, this lecture was given by Maigaskiya, when he visited the eloPhotos Academy last week.

Information is a source of learning. But, unless it is organized, processed and available to the right people in a format for decision making, it is a burden and not a benefit. Therefore, embrace things that will keep you informed.

I remain a purpose-driven female photographer, Sanni Olajumoke.

What do you think?

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