Reception Classes

My internship program at eloPhotos Academy officially started at 7:30a.m. on October 17, 2016, though I was there well ahead of the resumption time. When I got in, I met 2 other ladies — Adenike and Jumoke – who had just graduated from the DSAP (Daystar Skills Acquisition Program) on photography and decided to come to eloPhotos to run the 6-month photography internship program.

As soon as we got in, more interns – older ones, though – joined us and more informal introductions were made after which, everybody got busy with a task to prepare the studio for the day and subsequently for the week. The studio had just been acquired and so a number of progressive renovation works were ongoing. The floor was swept, mopped and all that needed to be dusted were dusted – like the picture frames set against the walls, table-tops, chairs (some of which the boss had hurried downstairs earlier on to get), etc.

After the clean-up session, next came the prayer session where we gathered together to sing and pray to God; thereby committing the day and week to Him. Then, the first formal introduction and meeting with everyone (both the old and new interns) followed.

The boss talked to us about the photography profession and encouraged us to be focused and disciplined, as these qualities are crucial to succeeding in this profession. He also summarily ran us through the interns’ rules of engagement and what is expected of us during our stay at the eloPhotos Academy. We were informed that at eloPhotos, Mondays had been dedicated to family meetings – where issues that might have popped up in the previous week are discussed in detail and solutions proffered, if the issues were not resolved. The plans or projections for the current week are also concluded or created, if not done already. Part of the plan for the week was for the new interns to have photo-sessions for the purpose of our eloPhotos identity cards. This, however, was concluded on the same day.

The next day, after cleaning the studio, we settled in to see a couple of photographyworkshop videos by Salvatore Cincotta, who is a renowned wedding photographer in Illinois, USA.By mid-day, we went to see a 121-minute runtime movie titled Inferno at the Silverbird Cinemas, Ikeja mall. It starred acts like Tom Hanks (Harvard University professor Robert Langdon), Felicity Jones (Dr. Sienna Brooks), etc.

When we returned to the Studio, we all reviewed the movie and continued with a couple more videos from Salvatore Cincotta’s workshop on the creative life. Generally, we saw and reviewed a number of videos from Salvatore Cincotta during the course of that week that bordered on different aspects of photography like pricing, packaging, sales, marketing, etc. We also had enlightening sessions where 3 professional photographers who had earlier graduated from the eloPhotos Academy came in to talk to us about their experiences during and after their internship at eloPhotos.

Another highlight of the week was when our applications and weekly reports were randomly selected and reviewed for errors. This was anchored by the boss himself, after which he gave us an assignment: All new interns were to have our write-ups on A Day In My Life In 2025 reviewed and re-sent to him. Work on the eloPhotos Studio and Academy banner was also scheduled to be concluded and set outside the building before the new week and this has been completed.

As we proceed into the week of October 23, 2016, we look forward to the technical aspects of our photography training which we have been told will commence that week.

Oluchi Nwokoro

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