My First Week at the eloPhotos Academy

Wednesday, October 19, 2016, was my first day at the eloPhotos Academy. I had a hard time choosing between two equally-appealing offers, which led to my not showing up in class from the beginning of the week.

Shortly after I arrived, I learnt that interns were responsible for keeping the environs of the Academy clean. And, looking around, I saw various pictures in frames, freezing memories of events that took place in times past. So, without much ado, I found a clean rag with which to dust up the frames one after the other, simultaneously perusing the frames in appreciation of their value and beauty.

After the cleaning exercise, I got talking with fellow interns who had resumed at the Academy two days earlier and their experiences left me surprised. They had learnt so much in just two days and even gone to see a movie at the Cinemas. Wow!!! You said? That’s exactly how I felt too!

We settled in for lectures and the first activity entailed sharing experiences from the previous day. As one of the ladies shared about her encounters at the cinemas, I allowed my sense of loss to overwhelm me right at that moment. This served to effectively keep my ears shut. We later watched a photography clip wherein the instructor discussed things to note when starting out as a photographer. What stood out for me were statistics about the different media through which clients could be reached; and how to segment the market, as well as define the specific market I would like to appeal to.

Day 2 at the Academy was, for me, exactly like the first; except that the video clip we watched on this day narrowed down on the different categories of value packages that customers could enjoy from a photographer. Did I mention that Mr. Seun was always there to clarify grey areas after each clip? Yes, He was! He was always on hand to dispel any myths and ensure the seamless assimilation of knotty concepts.

Later in the day, two male interns and I left for the saw-mills. Our mission was to negotiate a lower price for the purchase of an MGF plywood (a special type of fire-resistant wood). Earlier in the week, the director of the Academy came up with a creative idea he wanted us to execute together. According to him, the long cylindrical-shaped waste product generated by our large format image printing effort could be adapted to form the stand for a much-needed work table. So, the plywood we purchased was to serve as the horizontal surface of the table that will emerge as soon as we cut the cylindrical waste into an appropriate length. It took Mr. Seun and I another half hour to couple the table’s legs to its’ top. I was very glad, though, to have been there to witness and partake in the birth of that creative idea. And, some minutes before 8:00p.m., I said my goodbyes for the night.

At the end of our class on Friday, we embarked on coupling another table. I had no idea that Adenike, a fellow intern, was so skilled. She practically did all the screwing required to produce the second table. They say, what a man can do, a woman would do better and hey! She certainly did. When we rounded off at about 8:00p.m., ready to escape into the much-awaited weekend, the rains chose that exact time to start pouring. Hence, we were forced to stay back for about an hour before calling it a day.

I am Adegbite Olusola, and this has been my Week 1 experience at the eloPhotos Academy.

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