Lessons Learnt From CLIMBING

We recently moved to a new office and it’s not only bigger than the former, it’s also taller. Its a two storey building and we are right there at the top floor.
Climbing the stairs isn’t fun at all, especially when you have to climb carrying either a bucket of water, a laptop bag or a camera bag. You will have to get to the office, grab a seat, get a bottle of water to catch your breath. One day I even decided to run through it in minutes and I fell.
However, I find it interesting rushing down the stairs with speed, I sometimes even jump the stairs in twos and I never fall.
This week was mind opening for me. I had a rethink on my goals, dreams and my future as a whole.
I sat down to analyze what it really takes to climb those stairs to the top. And If it was worth it. Guess What I discovered?
I discovered that climbing the stairs to the top
I am more conscious
I am more focused
I am persistent
I put in more strength
And I lose a lot of energy
I am patient so I don’t fall

Otherwise, going down the stairs

I am less conscious
Less focused
I move with ease
I don’t lose as much energy as climbing.

Analysing this I discover why a lot of people find it hard to get to the top, why some find it hard to stay at the top and why a lot never even make attempt to climb.
It cost a lot get to the top but it cost more to stay there. It’s easier to go down and it cost nothing to stay there.

Where do you want to be?
I am ‘Tope Adeniyan and I am ready to pay whatever price it is to get to the top.

What do you think?

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