Are You CRAZY?

It’s one of those weekends when I can’t find the zeal to carry out my normal duty of creatively stating how the week was and what I learnt during the course of the week. Don’t misinterpret me, it’s not that the past week was uneventful; it was in fact so full of things to learn from – Icould even write a 10-page documentation of all the activities that took place, but I don’t want to bore youwith all that information. I won’t be wrong to say I had enough information supply for some time because if can effectively use all the information I got during the week, I’ll probably be one of the highly esteemed and sought after entrepreneurs in no time.

The week started on an interesting note and led to further interesting things, I got the opportunity to attend a leadership conference in town – Excellence in Leadership Conference hosted by the acclaimed Daystar Christian Centre. The program exposed me to quite a number of lessons and to-do lists.

The height of my week happened on Saturday; a senior colleague had told me she had to cover a birthday party on the noon of Saturday and she was also invited for an Exhibition that same Saturday, but in the evening, she needed an assistant so I volunteered to go with her. The whole day was quite busy,leaving the event to the Photo-exhibition. Gladly the whole business was over and we were soon heading home. On our way home, we entered the yellow commercial bus popularly called “Danfo” in Lagos, Nigeria. For a while now, I’ve been having interestingly funny experiences on these buses and today was no exception. Usually if you are a commuter on thesecommercial buses, you’ll understand what I mean; it is either the driver, the bus conductor, the bus or even the commuters that have a particular issue that would spark up a dramatic experience.

On this wonderful occasion, it was one of my fellow commuters that started the drama; myself and Tope (my colleague)were totally jaded from the day’s business and were busy feasting on the nicely packed meal given us at the party. The bus was especially stuffy and it was already late that evening but the driver was insensitive and was busy collecting the transportation fee sluggishly. Half of the people in the bus were quite cranky and were complaining arrogantly that the driver should hurry up. It was in this cranky mood that, a middle-aged woman seated somewhere in the middle row made the statement that got everyone, including me, upset. She said, “Driver please be fast o, don’t allow Ese and Sharon to waylay me and throw me inside third mainland Bridge”. This singular statement threw everyone off-balance, what ran through my mind was how a mature, sane person could utter such unnecessary words. Neglecting what everyone was saying to her, she continued mumbling to herself and I just said to my colleague that she was delirious. What got me confused was that a few of the 19 extra passengers, I thought should be in perfect condition started acting really funny, I don’t want to say insane. I started hearing phrases likeMadam are you crazy and some other people were shouting Blood of Jesus,Holy ghost fire, driver please let her go down o and other fear-related statements. Still in her delirium state, she kept talking to herself and some people kept confronting her.

Aside from the fact that I felt people like this woman could be well taken care ofbefore their situation gets out of hand, I figured a very high percentage of this city’s population are tensed and panicked even before something goes wrong, italso made me understand better how the mind and mental health has to be taken seriously.

I pray we get our minds straight and free of fear; I’m Enor Izomor and I’m still a photographer.

The Ruthless N200 Worth of Legume

Resuming at work for the week started wonderfully with so much expectation for me but this was abruptly cut short a few hours after I consumed my okpa (apopular meal peculiar to the eastern part of Nigeria which is made from a specie of beans) with gusto. Okpa is so filling that once you eat it, be sure to drink a lot of water as it has a dehydrating effect on its consumers. I find it very amusing that whether it is okpa, akara, moimoi, beans and stew, porridge beans or the almighty ewa agoyin that I consume, I tend to get lethargic and then want to sleep. This I have confirmed is the experience of so many other people so out of curiosity, I did a little research on what could be the possible cause of this. I found out thatthe beans family (legumes) is rich intryptophan, a substance which helps the body to produce melatonin a.k.a the hormone of the night which in turn is the hormone that is responsible for regulating our sleep and wake cycles.Okpa is also called 6am/pm to 6 am/pmamongst other aliases as you are unlikelyto be hungry for many hours ( my reason for buying this one) after consumption even though this depends on the rate of one’s metabolism.

It was a while after I had bought my okpaof #200 that I remembered that I had my lunch in my bag and I doubted if I would really even eat it. True to my calculations, I took my lunch back home since I found comfort only in the rest room for the rest of the day as my system had full control of my day. At will, my system instructed me on when I should visit the rest room, how long I should stay in there and my obedience was always complete,immediate and with the speed of light as I did not want to be embarrassed. On one of these visits to the rest room, I met it occupied and I could no longer think straight as I kept harassing the occupant behind the door by constantly knocking on the door. In between waiting for the occupant to come out and knocking on the door, I leaned against the wall by the rest room door to support myself as my feet had lost its stability and I capitalized on its restlessness to divert my attention albeit briefly, from the rumble in my stomach. My system even instructed me in strong terms, not to participate in theongoing field project, Residents of Nigeria (RON), which is currently running at the academy and like a humble and obedient servant, I respected myself anddid not dare to step out with my colleagues. In a situation like this, I had almost incurred the wrath of my systema long while ago which I can never forgetand I have seen instances where my fellow human beings were dealt with by their various systems and it was neither a pleasant sight to behold nor was it pleasant to the nose. At some point, Istarted feeling weak and had to leave the office well before the close of business but this too was with the express permission of my system as I had it promise me that it will behave itself till I get home. I achieved this by psyching myself and timing my journey back home which by God’s grace and mercy wastraffic jam free. As soon as I got home, my system tried to announce itself again but at this point it had lost most of thecontrolling power it had over me earlier in the day since I was careful not to eat anyother thing through the day, my bed was my shield and comfort.

The next day, I felt much better so much so that I was at work and could even participate in the field project, RON. Also,during the cause of the week, Iparticipated in the Annual Excellence In Leadership Conference (ELC) organized by Daystar Christian Center, Lagos and the theme for this year was Maximize Your Influence. We had speakers like Bishop David Oyedepo of Living Faith Church, Canaan Land, Otta, Ogun State, Pastor Bill Hybels of Willow Creek Church USA, Mrs Folorunsho Alakija, a businesswoman, Lagos, Rev. Julian Kyula of The Purpose Center Church,Kenya who is also the Co-founder and Group CEO of MoDe Group and severalother speakers. The various speakers spoke on so many aspects of life like encouraging us to dare to be different, be great time mangers, be prudent financially and always remember that in order to get to the top, a price has to be paid. The host and hostess of this conference were naturally Pastor Sam and Pastor Mrs Nike Adeyemi.

Mai Gaskiya from Abuja also paid us a visit at the academy and he spent an enlightening over 3 hours with us. It isalso worthy to note that I found his passion for our profession, photography is very infectious.

In all, my bitter but now amusing experience with that ruthless #200 worth of okpa, to a very large extent, controlled what I ate for the rest of the week and how I ate them. I’m Oluchi, a female photographer on an adventure.

Lessons Learnt From CLIMBING

We recently moved to a new office and it’s not only bigger than the former, it’s also taller. Its a two storey building and we are right there at the top floor.
Climbing the stairs isn’t fun at all, especially when you have to climb carrying either a bucket of water, a laptop bag or a camera bag. You will have to get to the office, grab a seat, get a bottle of water to catch your breath. One day I even decided to run through it in minutes and I fell.
However, I find it interesting rushing down the stairs with speed, I sometimes even jump the stairs in twos and I never fall.
This week was mind opening for me. I had a rethink on my goals, dreams and my future as a whole.
I sat down to analyze what it really takes to climb those stairs to the top. And If it was worth it. Guess What I discovered?
I discovered that climbing the stairs to the top
I am more conscious
I am more focused
I am persistent
I put in more strength
And I lose a lot of energy
I am patient so I don’t fall

Otherwise, going down the stairs

I am less conscious
Less focused
I move with ease
I don’t lose as much energy as climbing.

Analysing this I discover why a lot of people find it hard to get to the top, why some find it hard to stay at the top and why a lot never even make attempt to climb.
It cost a lot get to the top but it cost more to stay there. It’s easier to go down and it cost nothing to stay there.

Where do you want to be?
I am ‘Tope Adeniyan and I am ready to pay whatever price it is to get to the top.