Friend or Foe

Some weeks back a "friend" and colleague had come to me for help. Have come to know him from way back during my training days at eloPhotos academy and it was easy to relate with him as a colleague.

He needed to borrow my equipment for a Job which he had that weekend so he called on me for help. This was not the first time of him coming to me for a favor like this and I had always given him.

But this particular day I actually didn’t know why I thought of it over and over again. Maybe because his perfume this days smells more like weed. Maybe because he asked me to pay when I needed him to return this same favour some times back. Maybe my spirit was trying to warn me. But whatever it was I didn’t listen.

I went ahead and gave him what he requested for he promised to return it in three days. But guess what? Three days became three weeks. And it wasn’t just 3 weeks, I meant 3 weeks of hard labor. I called him so much that if you had checked my call log you would mistake him for a boyfriend. But guess what, he never picked up or returned my call. At this point I was scared and helpless I called a few other colleagues who could know his whereabouts but it was to no avail.

I was frustrated and angry I had even thought of going to his house it was at this point I noticed that I had no track on him, nothing but his name and phone number. (Check the first line friend was in quote) Typical me I’m to quick to call someone a friend even when all I know is your name.

The only way out was to involve Mr Seun which will mean listening to one of his popular lecture "choosing your friends right". I used 2 days to rehearse on how to tell him about this and on a good day I finally did. He helped me get through to his mum and we finally contacted him. He promised to bring my equipment back within a day but it took One week.

I finally got him to bring it to me. I had prayed to God to help me keep calm when i saw him and he had answered my prayer; I was as calm as an Angel. I collected my equipment and ran up to check it. On getting to the office I discovered that one of the equipment was already faulty and he never mentioned. I wept inside as I was in so much pain & disappointment. I just didn’t know how to express my pain in words for you to understand but this really was hurtful. It hurt so much but it also taught me more about people

Call me Tope Adeniyan, this week I learnt to use the word "friend" rightly. I hope you all will do the same.