A few weeks ago my dad asked me this question, using his exact words, he said "How long does it even take to learn this Photography sef? I was shocked at the question but I understand where this was coming from. I had told him earlier that same day that I was returning to eloPhotos and I actually didn’t explain why.

Of course he was confused and I wonder what must have been going through his mind. Maybe he was thinking "would I have to pay for a new training fee?" He just didn’t figure out the answer on his own so he decided to ask me.

As a Nigerian, I answered back with a question. I said "But daddy why do you still have to read after spending 7yrs in medical school?" and that was obviously the end of the conversation.

After that moment, I had a conversation with myself and I wish I had even answered the question differently.

I wish daddy knew eloPhotos academy isn’t just a photography school.

I wish I had made him understand that it is a place you learn about life through life itself.

I wish I had told him how eloPhotos had even taught me a lot about myself.

I wish he knew eloPhotos taught me persistence and hard work.

I wish I had told him eloPhotos taught me to put my trust in God.

I wish he knew I can now carry 50 litres bucket of water up a two-storey building.

I wish he knew he doesn’t even need to get a painter to cover any hole he finds in the house because I can fix it.

I wish he knew how much morals and standard eloPhotos had built in me as a person not to mention as a Photographer.

I wish he knew how eloPhotos had taught me the DIY (do it yourself) rule before consulting a specialist.

I wish he knew I can be whatever I want to be just because i don’t say "I cant."

At eloPhotos, we believe nothing is impossible; absolutely nothing. We produce excellence with undiluted integrity. We work on self-made furniture. We take our lives on our sleeves. We work our lives out knowing we have no choice but to succeed.

Dear Dad, I am back at eloPhotos academy knowing that knowledge has no borders. And guess what! You don’t have to pay for all I will be learning this time around because I got it all covered.

Yours Truly,
Tope Adeniyan