“It is dark not blank…

The calamity of today is “how far can you see.

But the brightness of today needs less of our eyes…”

When will life lessons ever end? Never I guess, because even death teaches some tough lessons to people around.

On that premise, I will not hesitate to blow the horns on the two worlds I toured and engaged with in this past week. Then I made an assertive conclusion;

Our environment and circumstance are like a wall around us, it is now left for you to make a window to see the other side.”

Attending a seminar with boss on a speaking engagement brought me to realise of a truth (like boss used to say) that; “you do not know or appreciate how much you know until your knowledge is tested or you are in the midst of some other people.” Then I appreciated the in-depth knowledge that is being impacted in eloPhotos Academy where I am even still scared of so much left to be learnt. These guys sure do not know what so much is embedded in this art- Photography, much more beyond the lenses, shutter and Albums….whew! They are great guys though, just need to make a big window in their walls, see the larger beautiful world on the other side and pursue whatever it takes to get there. I sign out here. It was also pleasuring to see how beautiful ikorodu has transformed into and will be in the near future.

Then I found myself photographing these set of Awesome people whose predicament all people dread and it will be almost impossible for someone with such to be a photographer (until I met Taivis). We have everything in common except their sight; they even have their four other senses sharper than ours. You really need to have an encounter with these guys, very energetic, smart, highly talented….name it. It was their International White Cane Day, the white cane is their walking stick (a sign of independence) to guide their walk and safety. We had a safety walk on an expressway with volunteers and Lagos State Traffic Maintenance Agency (LASTMA) Officials around to guide, we had long rows of blind and visually impaired persons; I did not really know how I felt about this, the sight was humbling.

Guess what, they were full of life, not looking in anyway downcast, sure they have accepted their disability and moved above it. Hence, they turned out stuffs you would not believe. Caught one, very smart lady pulling a friend (with a good sight)  with her to run an errand, leading the way very fast as if she could see the way through. I just shook my head in amazement. Their countenance was impressive, they danced, cracked themselves up, laughed and I looked at myself with excuses to justify my being sad sometimes, what an ingrate I was.

The final stroke came when one, who has authored a book, came up to recite one of her poems. And she goes:

“How beautiful is it in the dark.

It is dark not blank.

The calamity of today is “how far can you see.

But the brightness of today needs less of our eyes…”

I paused, put down my camera for a while and thought; is this not the same thing I have heard, learnt and known for too long? She just presented it in this way and it felt like I was slapped. She obviously understands it better, maybe because she’s got no balls like I do.

Still on my life lesson series, my name remains Mosopefoluwa Onanusi