The Break of Enthusiasm

The light of the new week was merged in hope and enthusiasm. I finally concluded on a project to pick and work-on . And not only did I make up my mind, I eventually started out. Having something to start out was a complication for me for years. The idea of a project was not just what I gelled into, of course not just for the sake of what to do(as I have had the privilege of getting proposals from mentors and colleagues) but what I could eventually buy and call my own.

The passion and enthusiasm to start and complete something worthwhile could have only been fortified with inner conceptualization and perception. I have had speakers and teachers speak for years on great photography career and I am an ardent follower of those with the idea of photographers going on inner search, on a journey of self-discovery. We see and perceive the world in a different light, and since we as artist make good use of the eye we are bound by forms and shape to communicate our paradigm, feelings and emotions.

Picking the book humans of New York was Insightful, revelatory and brought new light to what it is to engage in documentary photography for me.Brandon Stanton had collected street portraits and interviews on the streets of New York City for his blog andbestselling book. The project started out in November 2010 and has developed a large following through social media. The blog has over 16million followers onfacebook and around 4.7 million followers on instagram as of January2016.

The book had caught me with so much interest, inspiring me into what more can be done with pictures, and eventually saving me boredom of just being a wedding or event photographer.

Tuesday was just a day for another shoot; it was a shoot of a two year old baby of the name Kenani. We had earlier in the day hosted Samuel Obaderu to take on a class on some of thetechnicalities in photography. He started the lesson with his journey so far and how he started out in photography.

Having to listen to others on how they started out, the challenges they facedand how they are where they are has been so much helpful, injecting me with much faith and energy to keep up in the field; Obaderu was not much different, he ended his class with a bit touch on technicalities. The baby shoot had later bomb into the class, there was dividedattention, and the class eventually came to its end.

Thursday was to come; Mr Seun had earlier in the week started his class for the DSAP(Daystar Skill Acquisition Program) for the present session. My first attendance for the program was to assist my boss with video recordings and a bit on the logistics. The event was to satisfy my love for adventures and differences; having to work with the student and watch my coach take the class was an encouragement. Maybe I could one day take a class with quite a number of students, May be I could insight my student with the love and passion, May be I could be just be a teacher and much more than a shooter.

My name is Tobi Idowu; I love life, people and the Art of photography.

What do you think?

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