As usual I’m seated at home this Saturday evening pondering in my conscious and subconscious what to document about the past week. On the surface of my mind there are a few things I’d like to put down now;  then again I don’t just want to tell a story of how the week sped off, I’d prefer to share what will be most beneficial to my esteemed reader.

Some days are great and perfect while some are not even close to it; some days are interesting and informative while some are not; some days you’ll be hungry while some you’ll have more than enough to eat; some days will be super busy and stressful while some will be boring and less busy; some days are clumsy while some are not; some days you’d have enough to spend while some days you won’t; some days you’d be in the best of moods while some will be moody; some days you’d feel like you’re in the right place while some you’d doubt your sense of judgment; some days you’d be carefree while some you would have cause to worry.

On that fateful Friday, I got to work at exactly 7:59am – the latest I’ve been to work in a while, apparently boss had been waiting for me to run a quick and important errand. It has been proven that those who live close to church come late to church than those who live farther; those were the striking words that greeted me (Yes, my boss has a diplomatic way of scolding someone). More subtle as the words came, it sounded loud in my ears but I had no other choice than to agree.  The words convey a standing fact that even I can prove considering the many incidences I witnessed in my family church somewhere in the east. Thinking about it now, I believe it is a conscious thing because one tends to get a bit relaxed when he/she is closer to the destination.

About an hour after this revelatory period, we were working on our creative frames and in the process of improving the quality of the frames; we got an idea that required the use of very-small-sized nails. Of course, we are not woodworkers to have various sizes of nails so we had to go buy. Tope and I who were assigned to that task had to trek a wonderful distance in search of tack nails as it is called. From one shop to another asking the same question “please, do you sell nails?” and if they don’t the question is changed to “please, do you know where we can get nails”; with each person directing us back and forth, we visited a total of 13 shops ranging from shoemaking shops to electrical and book shops before we got it from a miniature kiosk popularly called “mallam shop” (just in case you’re wondering why we didn’t stop looking, my boss’ name is Seun Akisanmi and I’m learning not to give excuses).

Still that morning, boss told me that I’ll be going with Mr. Segun (a new face in eloPhotos) to get frames at Aroloya on Lagos Island. I didn’t understand the comical “odabo o” (meaning bye bye o) Mosope told me when I was leaving until I got to the place; it is that dirty, smelly, disgusting and horrible looking place Mosope told me about some time ago. I totally forgot; I would have braced myself up for the experience. The sight was even worse because it rained on our way, but it was also an avenue to learn some negotiation skills.

Just when I thought I’ve had enough for one day and was about leaving for my humble abode, a building opposite us started burning all of a sudden. Seeing they didn’t have much help plus the fire service was not forth coming, my boss stormed out to the rescue; in my  mind I was like come back o, you’re no super hero. I realized not long after how timidity and fear can override and cloud one’s sense of judgment and empathy; the main lesson for me was when Mr. Seun told us the extent of the burns, he said a small room stacked full with clothes stimulated the fire and all the clothes got burnt. He said “it’s not as if they can wear all the clothes, they just lie there wasting”; these words got stuck and kept ringing in my head, probably because I’ve been worried and complaining about getting new clothes.

Some days? No, all days are wonderful and beautiful; it all depends on how you perceive it and what you decide the day be like for you. Truly that fateful Friday gave me a lot to think about and I’m grateful for it.

I’m Enor Izomor, improving daily and becoming a better person.

What do you think?

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