The week started as usual with worship and prayers to God and with words of exhortation from the Boss Mr. Seun Akisanmi, the brief exhortation led to the Monday morning meeting; I was particularly worried and unsettled about the meeting given what happened in the past week.

The meeting commenced with everyone sharing the experiences, well or bad, they had last week and I’ve noticed overtime that Mr. Seun always has something to say about everybody’s experience, he either amplifies the lessons present or answer a question in the shared experience; then again he’s practicallybeen in this for over ten years, I shouldn’t expect less. From Mr. Seun to Miss. Kike (Red19), Tobi, Tope, Mosope and I, we all shared varying experiences and lessonswe gathered from the past week. My story brought about quite interesting feedbacks from everyone and in summary I just learnt there are more than enough ways to go about a task.

The week was quite lazy for me, not because we didn’t have anything to do, in fact we had lots of things to be done but I was just lazy in my mind despite the fact that I was busy doing one thing or the other and I still can’t explain why and how; perhaps because I was short on funds and needed to meet lot of targets.

We had a 2-year birthday shoot for a little boy during the week; shy baby Keni was interesting and at the same time a lot of work to shoot, he got everybody dancing and singing and jumping and doing all sorts to get his best expressions. During the session with our cute baby I learnt a few things; as much as I encouragereprimanding a child when he or she is wrong, I advise you understand the childand know which technique best suits the child and will not affect his or hertemperament. I noticed our little baby Keni’s reaction when his mum scolded him and forced him to loosen up during the session, He is one child that would not do well with harsh scolding as it willmake him scared and run away from the person scolding which might eventually turn out badly later in life if the person always sounding harsh is either of his parents.

It does a lot a good to understand children, know that they are different personalities and have different behaviors and should be handled differently, it’s super sad when parents compare their children; they can’t all be the same. In a way this also applies to our individual relationships as adults, I know but I also learnt during the week that all humans aren’t the same; one shouldn’t expect the same reaction on a particular issue from two different peopleas they aren’t the same. Of course there are some occasions we would expect that we all see things from the same perspective, even then we’ll see it and perceive it in our different and variant ways. This is what makes each of us unique and special, so don’t take it personal when someone doesn’t see things the way you want them to see it. I appeal that we be mindful of these things because they are of the mind.

Photographically Yours,

Enor Izomor.

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