The UNGRATEFUL Broke Photographer

So I woke up last Saturday with just N350 left on me. Not that I went to bed the previous night with $493,562 on me; just that I was low on physical financial resources. My wife of 122 months was quick to ask one of her favourite questions of all time: ANYTHING FOR ME? I was quick to let her know that there was nothing to give her for that day as the only money I had was to transport myself to a client’s house in less that 90 mins.

"How are we going to do the weekend," she quizzed. I wished I could tell you how optimistic my response to her was. I think I just kept quiet and presumed she had made a rhetoric statement. Trust me, being broke is not a pleasant experience especially if you have hungry mouths that are waiting on you. However, I had been broke too many times in the last 2 decades to know that this storm too shall pass. I always rebound.

Within 30 minutes I was heading out of the house to someone who had read one of my write-ups a few days earlier and asked to see me. He wasn’t just anyone; I had photographed his birthday last year and impressed him so much with an album that made him give me the largest transport fare back home any client had ever given me. This is someone who will make you make time for him if he says he wants to see you. I sensed somewhere in my heart he wanted to bless my life with some financial resources. My head started playing with potential figures this wealthy retired citizen would endow upon my life. The figures seemed to be having at least 5 zeros in my head.

Fast forward to about 3 hours later. I had just left the man’s house. I wasn’t happy. I was disappointed. How could he have done what he did to me. How could he have shattered my expectations beyond irreparable Humpty Dumpty status. I wasn’t happy. I was disappointed. Oh, I already said that.

I was right to have sensed that he wanted to bless my life with financial blessings. I was wrong to have dreamt of so many zeros in my head. "Can you imagine him giving me just N20,000," I thought. He should have just asked me to send my account number so he would transfer the amount instead of having me waste time to come collect a meager amount. Didn’t he just buy a Toyota Camry 2017 edition. Didn’t he just paint his 12-room mansion. The thoughts were endless in my head as I took the 40 years journey back to my promised land called HOME.

I was barely 231 steps from his house (not that I was counting) before I came to my senses. I slapped myself in the spirit. I punched my imagination. How could I have been so so ungrateful? Was I not the same person that woke up a few hours earlier with almost nothing to feed a family of 5 (not forgetting my dream BMW 750i ActiveHybrid baby that seems to be delaying in arriving). I was ungrateful, unthankful, unappreciative and any other synonym that falls in within the family of ungratefulness. This man just literally gave me 20k just because he appreciated the work I did for him over a year ago…….and I was ungrateful.

Suddenly I found myself saying "I’m Sorry" as if apologizing to an invisible Father by my side who just scolded me for not saying THANK YOU from the depths of my heart. I was broke just a few hours earlier and now I was ungrateful. I’M SORRY. I’M SORRY. I’M SORRY.

With a remorsefully thankful heart, I got home with the good news of the testimony we had read in the Open Heavens devotion earlier that morning: DIVINE PROVISION. My wife was happy, my children were fed, and my imagination was reinspired to continue dreaming about my long awaited BMW 75……

What is it you’re not wholeheartedly thankful for? Don’t be like the ungrateful broke photographer. Don’t be like Seun Akisanmi. Even if its N350 you have now, be grateful that you’re still in a sane mind to know how to count and what money looks like. Be grateful that you can still use the restroom without anyone assisting you. Be grateful that your eyes can still read to this point. Be grateful that you’re still alive. For only the living can be hopeful. Don’t be ungrateful. Be thankful.

If by any chance you want me to come and see you so you can express your appreciation for whatever work I’ve done for you in times past, please be rest assured that I would be very very very very grateful. I have repented. Trust me, I would be very grateful. 🙂