The Blessing In Repetition

Severally and over the years, many have tagged Repetition negative; repeating a task, an examination or class, having to start a research work all over again, are some of repetition instances that do not go down well. Personally, I have been made to write some examinations all over again and even repeat a class at some points of my life, it feels terrible really.

However at some of these instances, I have enjoyed the repeated version more because I became wiser, more knowledgeable and the result came out better. Though I had this deep seated inside, the acceptance was not an easy pill to swallow.

So recently, I repeated a class!

Yeah! I got you! It’s not what you are thinking. I repeated a class, but this time as an assistant to the facilitators to a course I once attended. The facilitators were both my mentors. So I established the great blessedness in repetition. Sitting right behind the class, hearing facilitators break down the highlights and make explanations, I felt like “this is just the best time to go through this class”. I made a whole lot of jottings, but this time, more relating unlike the first time that was filled with definitions, listings and all sorts. They sounded and looked more real as I can relate with them now; things I am presently experiencing in my internship training, though I am still a Work-in-Progress.

I also had to share some personal experiences and ideas with the students, assist where they need help or lack understanding, checking and sifting their project work and as well taking the class up in the absence of the facilitators. All these brought me to another level of learning; it was an experience I will not forget in a hurry. The students were also very smart and quite intelligent, they asked great questions that brought up deep answers, there was an evident zeal in the atmosphere.

The repetition journey did not just go without being garnished with some other sweet addendum. I met and became more familiar with some other young, purpose driven facilitators in the general school as there are other courses running. I am certain some of them have got my face (if not my name) registered as well. This is a good one for me for my quest to surrounding my life with possibilities and positive people; it also has the capability of softening the ground and breaking some protocols in future.

Another high point of learning for is, learning from other assistants that were later available for the course. Trust me, I did not overlook any new thing I saw or what I never knew. I tried all best possible to learn there and also booked to learn much later after the course.

I know by now, someone is liking this repetition journey and would not mind to probably deliberately repeat a task or never see repetition as failure anymore. Great inventors in our world never got it once, they tried severally. As a matter of being positive, “FAIL” is taken to be;

F – First

A – Attempt

I – in

L – Learning

For me, repetition makes learning stick more, you are better off. I am not saying we should keep failing so that we can repeat some things, be deliberate about what you do, choose to repeat some as the need arise. Anyway, God sure knows when best to make us go through a repetition to prune our lives.

As I drop my pen, repetition is no more out-rightly an enemy; we must just be deliberate and create positivity in it.

What do you think?

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