Stuck on the Moon

Last week, I felt like I was just hanging in between two phases and I was very much excited. You know that feeling that can be described as being stuck on the moon? Yes, that one. The one you have when you daydream about something you are not sure will come to pass but you dream anyway. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not the type to daydream and get out of reality, I still do what I have to do but in this case, the whole excitement is borne out of a possibility of stepping into an unfamiliar territory. Trust you’ll like to know the reason for such excitement, well, I’ll tell you.
Sometime in October last year, I saw a vacancy advert in my church bulletin and I applied for the post of a facility manager trainee. There was no feedback for such a long time I totally forgot about it until I got a text on Tuesday, 16th February to come for an interview the following Monday. Subsequently, I was invited for the second stage of the interview two weeks later and in another two weeks and five days, which was Tuesday last week, I was asked to come pick a medical test form to conduct some medical tests at a specified hospital. I had the option of picking it up the same day or Wednesday, the next day but I was the only one in the office as my other colleagues had gone for Jide Odukoya’s Photography Workshop and the fact that I had work to do (working on some pictures) made me decide to pick it up on Wednesday morning. So, I went to go pick the form next morning and then proceeded to the specified hospital for the tests. Thank God it was only medical tests I went for and I didn’t even have to pay because going there made me realize once again that I enjoy divine health so much that I don’t have to visit hospitals, something I am always grateful to God for.

I did that the next day which was Wednesday. The interviewer asked for when I could start and I replied that I could start in April which would be the on Monday, 4th of April. However, on my farewell note when I asked, “Do I just come on Monday or what?”, I got a, “We’ll call you to come for your letter” response and based on that response, I assumed I was going to get their call latest by Friday evening. Yes, your guess is as good as mine; I am yet to get the call. Nevertheless, I have to stay optimistic so, I just waited (and I’m still waiting). The amusing part was that I’m a bit restricted in making plans. I did not want to make any promise for the coming week because I knew I might get to resume work in a new office.

Here I am, at 3:36 am on Sunday morning and I’m yet to get a call or text asking me to resume work on Monday and as much as I do not like suspense, I have to deal with this one because unlike the movies, I can neither fast forward, rewind, pause or play events playing out in reality. In other words, I had better enjoy my stay on “this moon” that I’ve found myself while it last. Just in case you are wondering, I’m not confused at all. In fact, I’m far from being confused I’d rather say I’m amused.

Already, I miss eloPhotos and I wish I could stay back for some more time. So, if I don’t get the call/text, it’ll only save me from having to miss the company of my colleagues at eloPhotos but, whatever happens, I definitely will have no regrets. I’m OLUWATOSIN Sunmola

The Blessing In Repetition

Severally and over the years, many have tagged Repetition negative; repeating a task, an examination or class, having to start a research work all over again, are some of repetition instances that do not go down well. Personally, I have been made to write some examinations all over again and even repeat a class at some points of my life, it feels terrible really.

However at some of these instances, I have enjoyed the repeated version more because I became wiser, more knowledgeable and the result came out better. Though I had this deep seated inside, the acceptance was not an easy pill to swallow.

So recently, I repeated a class!

Yeah! I got you! It’s not what you are thinking. I repeated a class, but this time as an assistant to the facilitators to a course I once attended. The facilitators were both my mentors. So I established the great blessedness in repetition. Sitting right behind the class, hearing facilitators break down the highlights and make explanations, I felt like “this is just the best time to go through this class”. I made a whole lot of jottings, but this time, more relating unlike the first time that was filled with definitions, listings and all sorts. They sounded and looked more real as I can relate with them now; things I am presently experiencing in my internship training, though I am still a Work-in-Progress.

I also had to share some personal experiences and ideas with the students, assist where they need help or lack understanding, checking and sifting their project work and as well taking the class up in the absence of the facilitators. All these brought me to another level of learning; it was an experience I will not forget in a hurry. The students were also very smart and quite intelligent, they asked great questions that brought up deep answers, there was an evident zeal in the atmosphere.

The repetition journey did not just go without being garnished with some other sweet addendum. I met and became more familiar with some other young, purpose driven facilitators in the general school as there are other courses running. I am certain some of them have got my face (if not my name) registered as well. This is a good one for me for my quest to surrounding my life with possibilities and positive people; it also has the capability of softening the ground and breaking some protocols in future.

Another high point of learning for is, learning from other assistants that were later available for the course. Trust me, I did not overlook any new thing I saw or what I never knew. I tried all best possible to learn there and also booked to learn much later after the course.

I know by now, someone is liking this repetition journey and would not mind to probably deliberately repeat a task or never see repetition as failure anymore. Great inventors in our world never got it once, they tried severally. As a matter of being positive, “FAIL” is taken to be;

F – First

A – Attempt

I – in

L – Learning

For me, repetition makes learning stick more, you are better off. I am not saying we should keep failing so that we can repeat some things, be deliberate about what you do, choose to repeat some as the need arise. Anyway, God sure knows when best to make us go through a repetition to prune our lives.

As I drop my pen, repetition is no more out-rightly an enemy; we must just be deliberate and create positivity in it.


When you hear the word “I must die there” in this part of the world, a signal of “No retreat, no surrender” pops up. Oh yes, it is. A feel of “even in the midst of odds and hindrances, I will stick to this and I must achieve this.” That even when I am being overpowered or overwhelmed by challenges, or at the point of death, I will stay glued. I guess that is the height of commitment to what you believe in, and I also think until you get to this point, you don’t turn out in your best and you don’t achieve the best result.

I was encouraged to this point in a recent time. In the midst of listening to one of my mentors, beyond his words, I felt deep his passion and can match it with great results he has turned out. And I thought within me “really, my vision is worth my life.” If I don’t give it that, who will for me? Then he muttered those words, “I must die there.” Wow! that struck me, that is the word and attitude that will make this whole ‘me’ happen.

Day after day, I found myself resounding the sentence to myself. Though I had never come to the point of considering changing my mind, I have been stressed and stretched, felt bad and annoyed with myself and some people, even sometimes reacted. But in these times, that sentence just does magic for me. Just like the bible said of Jesus, “…for the glory laid before him, he endured the death of the cross…” So at every whip, the glory gets closer.

Come to think of it, I don’t think I have any other choice, this Must work! Loads of people want to learn how I made it, many want to say “didn’t we tell you?” A lot more would benefit from this move, so it MUST work.

You know one other interesting thing I find in this willpower I am getting acquainted to, the outstanding complacent part of me will be melting out as the days unfold and it pushes for constant positive thinking.

This whole process I have signed in for is getting more interesting by the day, this is definitely beyond just  making good images, this is a rebirth.

Many times when we see our mentors, we admire and quickly want to be like them. We don’t have an idea what has gone down into becoming who they are. Anyway, its all paying off, that is why we admire and aspire to be like them. I still have a whole lot to conquer.

Entrepreneurs really, deserves some constant great accolades and treat. Those guys are not cheap at all, they are treasured assets. Now I am understanding better, I appreciate it more and I will die there.

My name is Mosopefoluwa, I am proud to be a Photographer and an Entrepreneur in the making.