LOVE Learnt 

I hate complicated life, so I had avoided and overlooked so many things that could affect the kind of state of mind I wanted for myself. In my mind I had thought love is a very easy thing until something happened recently.

It was Dad’s 60th, so I mentioned it to boss because I had to take one of his lenses. Then he said, “why don’t we organise a portrait session for him instead?” Wow! That would be nice, I muttered and that was it. I gladly informed the subject the next day and even made suggestion on attires to wear.

But few minutes later, something terrible (that is what I termed it) happened that I could not even forget in days. I was so pissed that I wished i would not have the photo session again, he does not deserve it anymore.

“How can he utter such words? How would he, instead of taking responsibility, push blame on me? Is it because I am still here?…. I boiled. Quickly I went into my room, scribbled on a paper some words to counter what he said and placed it on the wall. My face wore the anger, I would not even bulge talking at anyone that steps on my toes afterwards, I apparently could not suppress or overlook this as I previously would. I resorted to asking God to help me because as my mood was, I was going to cancel the photoshoot ifo boss was not aware in the first instance.

I took my bible to read afterwards and it was love I was reading about. I took a deep sigh, What have I been doing to myself? I was not totally calm still until I got to Church the next day.

Everything that was said in church that very day revolved around Love. This again! Then I was reminded that love is a command, not an admonition and the test of Love (in its real sense) is when its not reciprocated. Ofcourse I knew this before now, but I lost it at the point of hurt and anger, I wondered what it would have been like at Jesus’ time of hurt and pain. His was the height of it, death. I gathered myself together and decided not to talk or think about it anymore, the more I did, it keeps escalated in my mind. I was done and back to my normal self.

The day of the shoot came and we all had a nice time. I particularly did because of first, what I had gone through, and secondly, what unique thing I achieved that day, “bond.” Its been a while!

And then I appreciated photography more. The atmosphere it created was premium for me. This is more like what I love to do, putting smiles on people’s face, enhancing family bond, bringing out the real you.

Photography is Love. I love “Love,” I love “Photography.” It takes selflessness and patience to master both.

My name is Mosopefoluwa.

What do you think?

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