Life Lessons from Village Ants

As it has recently been my newly developed hobby, I found myself in a remote village in Ogun state on what will turn out to be my 6th trip in 10 months. The trip would eventually turn out to be an inspirational climax. The day was September 4, 2015. Time stamp: 2pm. I was bent on following the instructions outlined in Proverbs 6:6. Although I would not consider myself to be in the class of a "sluggard," I decided to go to the ants for meditation that would hopefully result in gained wisdom. And boy, did I get wisdom.

Firstly, I was intrigued by the level of team effort that was demonstrated amongst them. They seemed to be in a hurry gathering food stuffs for their store house. It was as if they knew that there will soon come a season wherein there won’t be any food. They sensed that their survival in the "drought" season will be dependent on the amount they had gathered & saved.

Secondly, I noticed that they made sure that no injured ant was left behind. It was interesting seeing how some ants will sometimes drop the food stuff they were carrying just to help carry an injured ant to a safe haven. Sometimes 3-5 ants would carry one ant that seemed lifeless. I thought that was magnanimously sacrificial. What a large-hearted action coming from a tiny creature.

Thirdly, I noticed their reactions whenever the harsh sun seemed to shine in its fullness whenever a cloud disappeared. They would wait in a shade till the heat of the sun passed. They will wait till a cloud reduced the sun intensity. And then they would troop out once the conditions was better. Their job descriptions still intact. It happened at least 3 times within a span of 60 seconds. Whatever the condition of the environment, they seemed not to be deterred in their goals.

Lastly, I realized that whenever there seemed to be an outside or abnormal interference with their daily routine, they would create new routes. Sometimes, I would deliberately disrupt their food route. I would wait for about 2 minutes and then would be surprised when I discovered that they had "created" another route – sometimes deeper underground – and their journey continued. They were relentless. Nothing seemed to stop them. Not a witch from the village, not a government policy, not an act of God. They would ALWAYS find another way to achieve their goal. I thought that was unbelievably incredible considering their size.

After spending approximately 20 minutes studying the 1cm creatures, I learnt many more lessons that made me realize the wisdom in the book of Proverbs that admonished us to study their way.

My 2015 has been incredibly laden with "excitements" in different ways. The sun seemed to have shown on my pathway harshly, the emotional "injuries" I have endured seemed to have left me forsaken, my vocabulary of words like FRIENDSHIP & SUCCESS have been dramatically redefined…… And yet still I stand to witness the end of a year that had made me stronger & hopefully wiser. I have decided that friends like RELENTLESS, PERSISTENT, & VISION are crucial for my journey into 2016.

Whatever the new year brings, I will handle successfully by God’s grace. If I fall 28 times, I will rise up 28 times to continue my journey. Things might be tougher, but I’ll come out stronger. For if the Ants in the village could have enough sense & wisdom to take on the challenges they endure everyday (mostly without the knowledge of the average human) and still come out triumphant, who am I whose potentials are more than theirs not to make it.

Here’s to wishing you a wonderful adventure in the coming year. At the end of the day, ALL WILL BE WELL if we don’t RELENT.

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