The journey towards success

This week had been a starting point to building my success but as we all know, the word “SUCCESS” doesn’t come so easy; meaning that we’ve got to give it whatever it takes as there is no short-cut to success but hard work. Choosing from the days of the week as a special and wonderful day for me was “THURSDAY”…wow! Why Thursday? That’s a question you would want to ask me and I will like to let you know I chose that cos of the great things that was wrapped in it. I wouldn’t want to say the rest of the days were not good to me cos I’ve got the help of my colleagues in the academy helping in one way or the other not making me feel as if am new into the world of photography but, the reason why its Thursday was that eloPhotos gave us the opportunity to meet the man called Shola Animashaun, the man behind Shola Animashaun photography and sincerely almost everything changed for me cos he is this cute man who spent the whole of his time to explain not just about photography but the art and business of photography to us in general and at this point I began to feel a change in me, standing right in front of him I can hear that call in me saying “O BOI U FIT DO AM O” (literally meaning; bro, you could also do this thing) and from there I had it in me that I’m gonna make it big through photography….

Hope to have a good report to file against coming week in which I believe that will really help me in focusing more.


Adeyemi cole


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