With about twenty-six weeks of intensive photography training programme at eloPhotos, one would at first wonder, why the training of “just” photography could take that so long to learn. As an intern, and resuming daily at the academy by 8:00am and closing by 5:00am, it depicts that it is not just photography but the comprehensive “art” of photography that is learnt. Well, it has been a worthwhile experience that one may not even quantify the value of the training and experience acquired. Some questions crossed my mind;

Is it the studio’s strategic location?

The huge numbers of articles posted on the website?

Or the numbers of photographers the Director has discovered, trained and influenced within the relatively short time of establishing eloPhotos that makes the academy stand out?

I can conclude with my little knowledge that it is far more than that.

Initially, writing a weekly report was challenging for me; it has to be a detailed knowledge of personal growth in the academy. This, I described as “a-long-thing” for me. Although, writing is a skill I enjoyed doing overtime, I had to ask myself some few questions to be assured whether I will be able to soar in this feat. Also, reading and adhering to the comprehensive guiding rules of the academy at first seemed overwhelming; it looks as if it was a “25-page contract of life”

Interestingly, I remembered the battle within my mind I encountered when I was concluding on embarking on studying photography; choosing photography as a tool to achieving being a Diplomat. It was indeed one of the toughest seasons in my life. With the underlining vision to positively impact the youth, children and indigents in the Sub-Sahara Africa with my research and development, and in order to attract international aides, I see photography as a vanguard and as a channel to creatively express my vision. Actually, appreciating and analyzing pictures has been my utmost concern any time I come across with any image in time past, I never gave it a second thought that photography could be one of the powerful channels to attain and attract public and international affairs. I always believed that taking pictures is just a transient event, and that a photographer’s job ends immediately he fires his shots. Wow! Treading on this path of training has widened my horizon in a great deal.

Knowledge is power, they say.  I imagine how, to an extent I had undermined the phone cameras I use to take pictures. Well, I just take pictures which I assume they are relatively good based on my limited knowledge. With capturing memories, one can creatively give accounts of impactful stories around them. Oh! I wonder why the profession of photography has not been given a complete attention in this part of the world. Although, there has been a gradual mental shift, there are still far more part to be covered in photography.

Consequently, as my voyage at eloPhotos academy ends, I cannot but express my appreciation to my mentor in photography, Mr. Seun Akisanmi. Some of our so-called leaders are not worthy to be followed. They find ways to hide their achievement tips from the young and up-coming. They have forgotten that no one is an Island of knowledge. This cool-headed man is an exception. Far beyond making profit, Mr. Seun envisions to grow a generation of professional photographers, by investing in them his self-taught knowledge in photography.

To this end, there has been a paradigm shift within me within the 6 months training programme. The business of photography cannot be overemphasized. Also, the art of photography needs to be thoroughly learnt. The exposure to the basic training and practical gives me, at least the directions not to head. The different aspects of photography make the work well specified. It was as if the training should continue for me but I have to move on-up. From the getting of the brief, interpreting it, clicking of the shutter button, adjusting the 3 exposure triangles and some other settings, enhancing the pictures with some certain softwares, going to the print lab, and to the delivering the job to the client; putting in mind that the client’s satisfaction is a major determinant to a great job, photography is indeed far more than what it is popularly defined.

Drawing with light! The business is definitely far more than drawing but relating and networking because business depends on human beings and human beings is dependent on relationships. These are one of the keys of business I learnt from this academy. I would also confess slightly that giving me the privilege of liaising with the facilitators at NiPHEC 2015; thanks to Mr. Seun, it changes my perception as regards relationship. It can never be bought at a price. It was initially a challenge; to communicate with the big wigs in this industry! I thought it shouldn’t be me. Eventually, it was a good platform for me, though with few itches.

Looking ahead to fulfilling a career being a Diplomat with the tool of photography, and with an edge of starting on a right foot by learning from a professional, I am convinced that driving through the pathway of achieving my dream will not be clueless. Although, the training ends, it shall be a continuous learning and adding value to people.  This is why Diplomat Photography envisions to be involved in Documentary photography and the vision is “putting smiles on people’s face”.


Jide Jokodola


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