hdb facebook creative [1024x768]It was October 31st

Many years back

The whines of the new baby filled the room

He brought joy that hearts could not resist

And songs of gratefulness on the lips of all

The Akinola-Akisanmi-heir had finally arrived


“Omo oko ni”

The true son of his father

With traits passed on; the world couldn’t deny,

That another Akisanmi had just landed the earth

Proof that blood is thicker than water

He grew;

Wise and brilliant, resilient and ambitious

Like Joseph, full of dreams waiting to be birthed

and like Jesus, with purpose paramount on his heart.

He had grounds to break,

Heights to climb and impossibilities to dare

And these things, he had resolved to do

When the burdens, responsibilities and trials hit hard,

And no succour was in sight,

Then the Light came,

And they walked it all through.

PS: they still walk that path through

His youth, full of experiences

His busy fingers never failed to pour

His journal; daily encounters still receive

Some revealed, many stuck in pages

“It’s not just possible”

How his ears so detest to hear the words

Because the entirety of his living

Has defied the impossibilities

Role model, teacher, mentor and father

Just one left; loving husband

The sands of time have received a man; yet great

The previous years, I must say have been;

Years of building scars,

And raising a star,

Fighting battles,

Winning some; losing some

Your humility, resilience and integrity

These things amaze me

Your pursuit of excellence

They’ve not been fruitless

Your writing, words and actions,

Blessings indeed they have been

In all these thirty and seven years

One thing I must say



Boluwatife AKINDELE

*omo oko means one’s legitimate child

*Oluwaseun: All thanks be to God

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