The 10 Commandments of a Super Sexy Smokey Eye

  As a makeup artist, I can tell you that the smokey eye is one of the easiest looks to achieve. That said, you should know that the closer your eyeshadow is to the lid, the safer you are.  Be very cautious when you are applying eyeshadow above the crease. It does require a certain amount of skill or else, you’ll end up looking like a badly battered wife but if done right, you’ll look like a super sexy goddess. You simply cannot be ignored when you wear this look.                                      

Here are the 10 commandments of the super sexy smokey eye;

1. Thou shall start with the eyes first.

2. Thou shall apply primer on the top lid, up to the crease and slightly beyond and on the bottom lid, an inch and a half.

3. Thou shall smudge in a pencil (in this case, black) onto the lid before applying eyeshadow up unto the crease.

4. Thou shall work in an intermediate colour like orange or pink (your choice really) into the crease and upward using a clean brush. A round tip blender brush would be ideal.

 5. Thou shall apply black eyeshadow on the bottom lid in the same progression and thou shall not be afraid to apply the shadow an inch wide and smoke liberally with your intermediate colour.

7. After thou has done your light to medium toned brows and after thou has applied foundation and powder, thou must apply a highlighter under the eyes. Thou might want to try Ben Nye’s Banana Powder.

8. Thou must contour thy face beautifully, highlight the tear ducts (the beginning of the eye, close to the nose) apply blush and then apply  bronzer on the ridge of the nose, the cheekbones and on the chin if thou has a round face.

9. Thou shall wear a light toned lipstick which may be matte or gloss (not too much gloss).

10. Finally, thou must wear false eyelashes. The longer the better.

Okay, that was fun! When you get through the ‘Thous’ and the ‘Shalls’ you should get my drift. Look how beautiful she is. You should try it. Wink*

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