It’s just been few days since I began my internship programme at eloPhotos studios and it’s been fun, engaging, strange, lovely, eye opening, stress filled and everything you can think of. I resumed eloPhotos with just a basic idea of Photography and within one week, I can say that there has been a paradigm shift. It’s been quite tasking having to wake up as early as 4:00 am just to be able to do all that needed to be done before leaving home as well as beating the resumption time of 8:00 am. Within one week, I have become a stronger and more enlightened fellow; that I know for sure.

For me, one of my most inspiring moments was having to sit to talk with Mr. Seun or having to work on a project with him. I am always awed at the amount of wisdom he emits. You don’t need any form of meter to measure this, except of course your brain. His resource of knowledge is limitless. Sometimes, I had to steal glances and stare at him for minutes!

Each and every day of the week came with its high points and I can only thirst for more. With the creativity, life lessons and hard work one gets to encounter on an everyday basis, one might just be on his way of joining the wierdos’ club; of which Mr. Seun happens to be the chairman.

Meeting new friends and having to cope with different school of thoughts is really challenging. Different people hold different suggestions about a particular subject which in most cases might differ from how you were taught. My colleagues as well as our tutors have been helpful and encouraging. I had to spend a large part of my time having to write, think and plan. I got to learn that from Zach and Jody Gray at NiPHEC 2015. As much as that can be an excuse to be lazy, I guess I’ve chosen never to be associated with the average. That would require some hard work from my side but I’m ready to do whatever it takes to succeed in this industry – Photography. I’ve learnt to be excellence oriented; to give the best and not my best at every given task whether it is photography related or not (Well, virtually everything we do is photography related).

I also joined the eloPhotos group of those who eat “wanke” I don’t know the English name for that meal but after hearing about it over and over again, I tried my hands on it. Whether or not it was worth it, you’d get to know that in my post specially dedicated to the experience of joining the eloPhotos wanke eaters association.

Come to think of it, if you’re thinking of training at eloPhotos or you’ve made a decision to do so, please do yourself a favour by erasing impossibility from your head, mind and heart. If possible, forget the spelling of the word because it would save you so much stress on a long run because Mr. Seun would always love to tackle you and would always have his way. The last week was full of discovering many SEEMING impossibilities and breaking so many fallow grounds. With series of assignments and brain racking tasks, there was no boring time at all.

“Bingo!” The moment I’ve been waiting for. My high point this week was having to work on a frame. The most creative frame ever seen anywhere in Nigeria. I’d just have to be discrete about what I’m releasing here though but seriously, watch out for it.

So, I’d be sharing 5 life nuggets I learnt this week. Of course, you don’t have to pay for this but if you need premium life counselling and consultancy, you can contact me on 0815….. *Lol. Just joking though. Now back to our 5 life nuggets;

  1. As much as lies in your hands, do all you can do to make it to the top. When I mean all, I mean positive things. Don’t tell me you stole just because you wanted to make it to be rich
  2. Always think like there’s no box and not thinking outside the box like we’ve always heard. Dream as much as you want to achieve. The sky is a starting point.
  3. Be accountable to people. (*grins). Let someone have a track record of you. I quite have an issue with this as I tend to only let my good part out while the not too good remains between me and God. Now, that’s its out, I know I’m working on it.
  4. Effectively manage your time. Don’t let circumstances / situations use your time for you.
  5. Communicate your vision with those who you surround yourself with. When I say those you surround yourself with, I mean those who you want to run with you on that mission.

Now, that I’m through I feel like adding another one but I’m integrity inclined. I said 5, its 5.

Overall, my first week at eloPhotos is one I would tag enlightening. I really can’t wait for the next week to begin.

I am Boluwatife Akindele, and I am the photographer you all have been waiting to see.

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