17 Hours To Copy, 5 Minutes To Delete

Recently I found myself backing up some pictures from a hard drive that had started giving signs of imminent damage due to virus infection. The size of the pictures & documents that I needed to backup was about 800 gigabytes. It took me about 500 minutes to get all the data out (Yes, I was watching the time) and was glad I did in time. After repairing the drive, I proceeded to delete the extra data after I had copied it out AGAIN. That took another 500 minutes to copy out. At the end of the procedure I had spent approximately 17 hours just to copy out data. Deleting the extra backup data was another story entirely. That took just 5 minutes for the computer to delete over 800 gigabytes of data.

It was at the point of waiting for the 5 minutes of deletion to elapse that it suddenly dawned on me what happened in the Garden of Eden IN THE BEGINNING. You know the story too well. God had spent 6 days to create a beautiful world wherein He placed MAN to enjoy the fullness of it. However due to a momentary indulgence in personal adventure Adam & Eve lost their privileges in what would seem to go down as the most foolish decision man ever made. I’m guessing it took less than 5 minutes to eat the forbidden apple, sorry, FRUIT.

In a moment of revelation I could almost feel God’s frustration & man’s realization of his foolishness. All for just 5 minutes (or less) of personal indulgence in what God instructed them not to do. More importantly, I realize that its so easy for me to fault Adam or Eve for their decision instead of realizing that the story was documented for us to learn from: Creating beautiful things can be time consuming yet fulfilling while destroying the same things could take a tiny fraction of the time it took to create. For God, the creation/destruction formula was 6days:5mins. For my hard drive scenario it was 17 hours:5 minutes. For you it could be 20 years:2 minutes.

One way of the other we’re all involved in some form of creating something that is beautiful or ordained by God: career, marriage, business, relationship, etc. However all it takes is for us to become unconscious of the efforts that have been invested in time past and indulge in something that will bring everything down. That is why we’ve been instructed to FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT OF FAITH. The longer it has taken you to build something, the more you have to loose if you FALL.

We all have our weaknesses. We all carry one cross or the other. Perhaps for Eve it was food. Perhaps not. For many men, sex is a weakness. How else will you explain the multitude of married Christian men (& women) that indulge in extramarital sexual affairs. We live in difficult times. Even more difficult for Christians currently alive. As a result of the abounding of everything evil, it seems our LOVE for God seems to be growing cold.

The 5 minutes is up. The backup data has been deleted. And suddenly I realize that’s how my reputation (if I have any) would be gone if I commit adultery. In 5 mins I could loose so much if I tell a white lie. In 5 minutes, I could loose my peace & joy because of a sexual affair. In 5 minutes, I could miss Him when He comes for His own. And so I found myself re-dedicating my ways into His care because I realize that except the Lord builds the house……..

God help me. God help us.

What do you think?

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