One week; many escapades

Monday was filled with teaching activities.

Tuesday was a day out with photography. We really did not have much to do in school, so I planned to join Kikelomo for her workshop. On my way, I embarked on street photography, I found it really interesting because it wasn’t just shooting without a specific theme. I had a vivid understanding of what I was looking for and mostly went out of the way in achieving the shots. The most daunting part was seeking the approval of the market woman (especially the ones closer or directly opposite the subject) to sit with them so as to get better shots. Added to the archive are three pictures of mad men and beggars with kids on the street while it’s raining. On returning to eloPhotos, I discovered that the workshop couldn’t hold any longer; I then resolved into editing some work stacked in my hard drive. Later in the day, kike and I went for a family shoot as I assisted her in holding the reflector as the need arose, posing the subjects and we brainstormed on appropriate background to use for different attires/outlook. I learnt to be more patient with the subjects especially where children of different temperament are involved. I also learnt to be more of help with the client and even to laugh/smile often with them even at the most silly things. (Tactfully anyways *smiles*). Mrs Ofure, Kike and I had a swell time together till the early hours of the morning. With this, Tuesday was a wrap.

Nothing much happened on Wednesday so I continued with reading a book titled “With this ring” -a Christian novel written by Taiwo Iredele. I have learnt with time of being at eloPhotos that every successful being must allocate quality time to reading.

Thursday came in a blink of an eye. I took a brisk tour to eloPhotos in other to make use of a system overnight to complete my editing as my laptop wasn’t function normally again. Came back on Friday and alongside Akin covered the valedictory service of the outgoing SS3 students. For the very first time, I had issues with the so called ‘Pa-Pa-Pa Photographers’. We endeavoured to do an instant print for the students and at a point we ran out of paper. Realized it’s not quite profitable printing with such paper especially when they are paying next to nothing in comparison.

Dashed to the print lab on Saturday to print the remaining pictures, after which I divulged the book ‘You can negotiate anything’; the almighty recommendation by Mr. Seun. Thought Sunday was meant to be a resting day but not the case this Sunday. I Got home late from church, did heavy laundry which I hadnt done in such a long while.  Not long after did I discover that the sky was beautiful after the heavy down pour, so I took my camera and started shooting beautiful sky – that’s the life of a photographer mehn… We just keep shooting…

On this note I tender my weekly escapades. The two pictures attached were the ones taken with my camera phone during the tour. The second shot depicts the inscription ‘guard your heart with all diligence’.

Charis 5 photography

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