One week; many escapades

Monday was filled with teaching activities.

Tuesday was a day out with photography. We really did not have much to do in school, so I planned to join Kikelomo for her workshop. On my way, I embarked on street photography, I found it really interesting because it wasn’t just shooting without a specific theme. I had a vivid understanding of what I was looking for and mostly went out of the way in achieving the shots. The most daunting part was seeking the approval of the market woman (especially the ones closer or directly opposite the subject) to sit with them so as to get better shots. Added to the archive are three pictures of mad men and beggars with kids on the street while it’s raining. On returning to eloPhotos, I discovered that the workshop couldn’t hold any longer; I then resolved into editing some work stacked in my hard drive. Later in the day, kike and I went for a family shoot as I assisted her in holding the reflector as the need arose, posing the subjects and we brainstormed on appropriate background to use for different attires/outlook. I learnt to be more patient with the subjects especially where children of different temperament are involved. I also learnt to be more of help with the client and even to laugh/smile often with them even at the most silly things. (Tactfully anyways *smiles*). Mrs Ofure, Kike and I had a swell time together till the early hours of the morning. With this, Tuesday was a wrap.

Nothing much happened on Wednesday so I continued with reading a book titled “With this ring” -a Christian novel written by Taiwo Iredele. I have learnt with time of being at eloPhotos that every successful being must allocate quality time to reading.

Thursday came in a blink of an eye. I took a brisk tour to eloPhotos in other to make use of a system overnight to complete my editing as my laptop wasn’t function normally again. Came back on Friday and alongside Akin covered the valedictory service of the outgoing SS3 students. For the very first time, I had issues with the so called ‘Pa-Pa-Pa Photographers’. We endeavoured to do an instant print for the students and at a point we ran out of paper. Realized it’s not quite profitable printing with such paper especially when they are paying next to nothing in comparison.

Dashed to the print lab on Saturday to print the remaining pictures, after which I divulged the book ‘You can negotiate anything’; the almighty recommendation by Mr. Seun. Thought Sunday was meant to be a resting day but not the case this Sunday. I Got home late from church, did heavy laundry which I hadnt done in such a long while.  Not long after did I discover that the sky was beautiful after the heavy down pour, so I took my camera and started shooting beautiful sky – that’s the life of a photographer mehn… We just keep shooting…

On this note I tender my weekly escapades. The two pictures attached were the ones taken with my camera phone during the tour. The second shot depicts the inscription ‘guard your heart with all diligence’.

Charis 5 photography

One long week at eloPhotos

Another adventure as a new intern at the ELOPHOTOS ACADEMY began on Monday 13th, July 2015. As usual, Mondays are always a busy day here in Lagos, nevertheless as I dress up to go work ,there is this big picture in my heart, and the consciousness that  I’m a  new intern at the prestigious ELOPHOTOS ACADEMY, makes  me feel like there’s nothing I can’t achieve. This first just concluded week has been such an adventurous one for me. I arrived ELOPHOTOS ACADEMY at about 7am on
Monday; thoughts of how things were being done at the academy flooded my heart, and thoughts of getting acquainted to my new classmates. Before long, virtually all the students were come together for the morning devotion, it was a once in a life time devotional prayer and praise session, as one of the interns named BOLUWATIFE AKINDELE filled the room with worship, as we all praises to the lord, before TUNDE TALABI; another intern lead us in an Holy Ghost filled prayer session. One would mistake the academy for a prayer meeting this particular Monday.

After benediction, a roster with portions of chores was read out and everyone got busy putting things in other. After we finished the chore assigned to us all, it was time for the business of the day which of course was learning photography. .After the class ended, it was practical time. Myself and a few of my colleagues went shooting images at the road side just to help us attain perfection in the area of photography that our teacher; MR TOYE PETERS had earlier taught us in the class.

As the night drew near, I thought to myself how could I be better at what I do, the answer came the next day when our highly esteemed director; SIR SEUN AKISANMI, called us for a meeting with him. For me, it was not just a meeting but a turning point in my life and my chosen career. He spoke about some basic imperfections, and gave advice to us all. There were many instructions and guidelines he gave
us in his words which sent chills to our spines. One of such questions which struck me was when he asked, “WHAT QUALITY IN YOU WILL MAKE A CLIENT HIRE YOU ABOVE ANOTHER PHOTOGRAPHER?”

The room was filled with dead faces and minds trying to fathom what answer to give to this question. The answers from other interns weren’t really convincing to me as I couldn’t think of what would make a client hire me above another photographer. As the meeting was coming to an end he gave us an assignment to take 10 different head shots of people in our vicinity. After thinking of where to get 10 headshots, an idea of going to the mall at Alausa Ikeja came and I was happy that some of my colleagues liked the idea, followed me and it was a great time at the mall. Talking to people I’ve never met to allow me
take a head shot of them proved to be herculean task, but we got a few nice shots and went back to the academy.

In less than a week, I’m now used to everyone at the eloPhotos Academy. Thursday was a very busy day for everyone at the academy as some were busy completing the frames that were to be used at a 70th birthday of a client, the preceding day which was a Friday, some were charging batteries to be used, others running errands so as to make the Fridays event on point, if I end without expressing my gratitude to an exceptional intern whose character towards me was nice, then I’m just like that basket that can’t hold
water, it was past the hour of 4 when YEWANDE an intern  came to me and said,

“I noticed that since you came to this academy, have not seen you eating before, are you fasting?”

I reluctantly smiled and replied I wasn’t fasting but I might have been overwhelmed by the purpose for which I was here than watching over what to eat. She left and when she returned few minutes later, and she asked me to accompany her to get food, only to find out she was actually buying the food for me. I was left humbled by her kind heartedness and I want her to know I sincerely appreciated the food. Friday came and it was the anticipated birthday of our client. I was be privileged to be a backup photographer at the event which started at the church before we moved down to the reception at the Muson centre Onikan, for the reception of the ceremony. It was a big birthday party as many dignitaries were present, too much to mention after taking shots over shots the birthday came to an end we headed back to the academy. It was a wonderful outing for me and I knew it was the same for my colleagues too. I
really want to say a big thank you to SIR SEUN AKISANMI; CERTIFIED OLUYA for giving me the opportunity to be a part of what I love to do best; freezing time through photographs …..

I am King Lemuel and I am a photographer.