When Photographers meet

One of the most common things amongst us as photographers today is our hostility towards each other. When we meet at events regardless of where, when and how, it seems as though it’s so difficult for us to synergize. The hostility sometimes is not even limited to our colleagues, but to other vendors such as the videographers, the caterers, decorators, masters of ceremony, the event planners just to mention a few.

I’ve been hostile too towards some photographers on some occasions in the past; there are also some of my colleagues who have had similar experiences too and we do share our experiences. Deep inside of me, despite our argument for the justification of our attitude, I believe the reverse should be the case. We should rather have good relationships than keep unnecessary malice.

Some of the reasons I’ve observed that cause this rift are;

Photographer trying to monopolize others,

Inferiority complex of some photographers,

Intimidation by gadgets,

Physical struggle and fight, in taking pictures,

Ineffective communication,

Bad manners, and so on.

I was privileged to be part of the eloPhotos team that covered Ibrahim and Shalewa’s traditional and engagement ceremony at Ruby Garden Event Centre Lekki, Lagos. There, I had a different experience
with a colleague photographer whom we met at the groom’s house. I had been in Mr. Ibrahim’s house early, and I’d started shooting his accessories till another man arrived, introducing himself as a Jubril. Some minutes later, he started preparing his gadgets. Alas! He was a photographer, I thought I was going to be the only one.

At first, I felt threatened. But I remembered the teachings of Oluwaseun Akisanmi and Toye Peters. Mr. Seun Akisanmi will always tell us to make friends with both photographers and other vendors at events and truly, the benefits of such relationships outweigh the cost. This is one of the reasons, Seun recommends the book; How to Win Influence Friends and Influence People for every photographer to read. How well we can network with others will go a long way in affecting our business growth.

I started talking to Jubril at intervals, during the shoot, and for most times, he was reluctant to answer, probably, he was avoiding being distracted but I chose to be friendly, no matter what. We
didn’t scramble for shots, and the groom too was very cooperative. He relaxed himself for us to pose him, and switched focus gently between our lenses. After we finished, I asked Jubril if he has a ride, and if
I could go with him to the event venue.

“No problem” he replied. I had just saved myself the burden of public transport, and I also saved myself up to #500. Thinking that the relationship had ended, it hadn’t. I enjoyed another benefit later. There was an after-party when the engagement ceremony ended at around 7pm, and I was asked by the team to stay behind to cover it. Jubril too was there with his colleague, Lanre of LibranEye Photography. I took pictures and I had fun too, watching guys and ladies alternate dance-steps between the songs as played by DJ Sose. Jubril too showed his expertise on the dance-floor, and even gave me his phone, to record his dance.

At Around 10pm, my camera battery was low, and I couldn’t take pictures again. I checked the bag the team had left with me, and I couldn’t find the extra-battery I was told was there so I had to take my

“Hey Jubril! I’m leaving”.

“Oh! Why?”

“I’m out of battery.”

“Eeyah, okay. We’ll meet some other time.”

“Ehhmmm, Jubril, let me have your number.”

“Okay, 070…………” “Thank you.”

I was approaching Lekki Expressway, opposite the venue, when I heard a voice calling my name. I looked back, and it was Jubril.

“Are you in a hurry?”

“Hmmmmm, not really.”

“Where are you going to?” He asked.
“Agbado Ijaiye”.

“Okay, I’m going to Ile-Epo, and I can drop you at Abule-Egba.”

“Wow, thank you very much.”

“But just wait for me for some minutes, I’ll soon be through.”

We had a few minutes of conversation and there it was! I had just signed a deal with Mr. Jubril.

I was filled with relief inside of me.

A free-ride again to Abule Egba, where I can just take a #50 bus to final destination.

I thought to myself, if I had been hostile towards him in the morning, he
wouldn’t have shown such a kind gesture.

The benefits of making friends with our colleagues may not always come in this form, and may not even be immediate but the long and short term benefits are innumerable. Added to my contacts now are two new photographers, and whenever, we meet again, we are no more strangers

Sodeeq Akorede

What is life?

Life is beautiful but not always easy. It has problems too; and the challenge lies in facing them with courage, letting the beauty of life act like a balm, which makes the pain bearable during trying times, by providing hope. Happiness and sorrow, victory and defeat, day and night are the
two sides of a coin. Similarly, life is full of moments of joy, pleasure, success and comfort punctuated by misery, defeat, failures and problems. There is no human being on earth; strong, powerful, wise or rich, who has not experienced struggle, suffering or failure.

No doubt, life is beautiful and every moment is a celebration of being alive, but one should be always ready to face adversity and challenges. A person who has not encountered difficulties in life can never achieve success. Difficulties test the courage, patience, perseverance and true character of a human being. Adversity and hardships make a person strong and ready to face the challenges of life with equanimity. There is no doubt that there can be no gain without pain. It is only when one toils and sweats it out that success is nourished and sustained. This reminds me of what Uche James Iroha said, “Money is a graduation of sweat”. Thus, life is not and should not be just a bed of roses; (anyways I really need to sleep on that bed of roses though). Thorns are also a part of it and should be accepted by us just as we accept the beautiful side of life. I came to learn many things from last week activities at the highly esteemed eloPhotos Academy, from discussions, classes and task assigned to me. The thorns remind one of how success and happiness can be evasive and thus not to feel disappointed and disheartened rather remember that the pain of thorns is short-lived, and the beauty of life would soon overcome the prick of thorns. This is the joy I have in heart, that as an intern I will be faced with challenges even from fellow students and the world at large but the ability to endure and conquer it is what makes the best in me glow. Those who are under the impression that life is a bed of roses are disillusioned and soon will become victims of depression and frustration.

One who faces difficulties with courage and accepts success without letting it go to its head is the one who experience real happiness, contentment and peace in life. Those who think that good times last forever easily succumb to pressure during difficulties. They do not put in required hard work and efforts because they break down easily. You can take the example of a student, who burns the mid night oil, makes sacrifices and resists temptations so that he can perform well. Similarly, a successful executive has to face the ups and downs of life, not forgetting that life is a mix of success and failure, joy and sorrow, if he loses hope during difficult times, he would not achieve success and would be replaced by others. Even the strongest Kings and Emperors have had their cup of woes. Life has not been a bed of roses for them.

The adage “Uneasy lays the head that wears the crown” has been rightly used for people, who are successful and are enjoying power and authority. To sum up, life is beautiful just as roses but it has challenges which are like thorns and have to be faced and overcome by all. Those who accept these challenges and succeed are the ones, who know how to live life in its true sense. Thus, enjoy life but also be prepared to bear the pricks of pain before getting to the top. One of the most captivating moment of my life last week was the insight I got from a book I read on photography titled THE SECRET OF DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY.

To end with, I would use the words of my mentor which goes thus, “how much money do you want to make in photography in the next five years?” Some of the answers from my classmates amuses me because when I think to myself

“Does this person have what it takes to rack in this amount of money in the next five years?”

Sad enough, the answer is NO!


I am King Lemuel and I am a photographer.

17 Hours To Copy, 5 Minutes To Delete

Recently I found myself backing up some pictures from a hard drive that had started giving signs of imminent damage due to virus infection. The size of the pictures & documents that I needed to backup was about 800 gigabytes. It took me about 500 minutes to get all the data out (Yes, I was watching the time) and was glad I did in time. After repairing the drive, I proceeded to delete the extra data after I had copied it out AGAIN. That took another 500 minutes to copy out. At the end of the procedure I had spent approximately 17 hours just to copy out data. Deleting the extra backup data was another story entirely. That took just 5 minutes for the computer to delete over 800 gigabytes of data.

It was at the point of waiting for the 5 minutes of deletion to elapse that it suddenly dawned on me what happened in the Garden of Eden IN THE BEGINNING. You know the story too well. God had spent 6 days to create a beautiful world wherein He placed MAN to enjoy the fullness of it. However due to a momentary indulgence in personal adventure Adam & Eve lost their privileges in what would seem to go down as the most foolish decision man ever made. I’m guessing it took less than 5 minutes to eat the forbidden apple, sorry, FRUIT.

In a moment of revelation I could almost feel God’s frustration & man’s realization of his foolishness. All for just 5 minutes (or less) of personal indulgence in what God instructed them not to do. More importantly, I realize that its so easy for me to fault Adam or Eve for their decision instead of realizing that the story was documented for us to learn from: Creating beautiful things can be time consuming yet fulfilling while destroying the same things could take a tiny fraction of the time it took to create. For God, the creation/destruction formula was 6days:5mins. For my hard drive scenario it was 17 hours:5 minutes. For you it could be 20 years:2 minutes.

One way of the other we’re all involved in some form of creating something that is beautiful or ordained by God: career, marriage, business, relationship, etc. However all it takes is for us to become unconscious of the efforts that have been invested in time past and indulge in something that will bring everything down. That is why we’ve been instructed to FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT OF FAITH. The longer it has taken you to build something, the more you have to loose if you FALL.

We all have our weaknesses. We all carry one cross or the other. Perhaps for Eve it was food. Perhaps not. For many men, sex is a weakness. How else will you explain the multitude of married Christian men (& women) that indulge in extramarital sexual affairs. We live in difficult times. Even more difficult for Christians currently alive. As a result of the abounding of everything evil, it seems our LOVE for God seems to be growing cold.

The 5 minutes is up. The backup data has been deleted. And suddenly I realize that’s how my reputation (if I have any) would be gone if I commit adultery. In 5 mins I could loose so much if I tell a white lie. In 5 minutes, I could loose my peace & joy because of a sexual affair. In 5 minutes, I could miss Him when He comes for His own. And so I found myself re-dedicating my ways into His care because I realize that except the Lord builds the house……..

God help me. God help us.

The Antennae-broken Grasshopper

A few months ago I embarked on a journey with a colleague to a small village in the outskirts of Ogun state: AKONKO. With less than 300 inhabitants, Akonko is a remotely-located village without electricity, telecommunications or most of the luxuries of life enjoyed by most people in Lagos. I had developed the habit of visiting the village once every 2 months after my initial visit in December 2014 when I helped document a medical retreat.

As was my custom during each visit, I took a stroll into a nearby forest in an attempt to take some pictures of any living thing that had legs. I would eventually discover that the forest had more grasshoppers than all the grasshoppers I’ve see in all my years of residing in Lagos. Never in my life had I seen grasshoppers looking so beautiful. Perhaps it was because I was using a camera/lens combination that helped me zoom into the details of the seemingly-annoying creatures.

I eventually stumbled on a grasshopper with a broken antennae. It wasn’t until I had spent a few minutes shooting did I eventually notice the flaw in the grasshopper’s head. At that moment, I realized that only 3 entities knew exactly what was wrong with this particular species: myself, my colleague & God. In fact I felt God had led me to this particular grasshopper for a specific reason & lesson.

For many of us that might be unaware, a grasshopper’s antennae are thin and very sensitive. They help the grasshopper feel its way around. That’s why antennae are often called feelers. A grasshopper smells with its antennae too. As a grasshopper feels its way around, it picks up scents from the surroundings. The grasshopper’s antenna is something like our nose but sense more information than our nose. It perceives odours, touch, humidity, vibration, wind velocity and direction.

So a lot is to be risked if any of the antennae were to be faulty. Talk of being paralyzed in certain abilities. Infact, this particular fault might not be repairable by scientists. I’m sure the grasshopper is still able to manage with one functioning one but nothing beats having two, else God would not have given it two. It’s like having one eye instead of two. Its like having one ear instead of two. Its like having 50% of your heart doing all the blood-pumping. Its like being heartbroken.

I realized that I had a few things in common with the antennae-broken grasshopper. Apart from the fact that it seemed like a gentle guy (how else will you explain the fact that it sat patiently for over 5 minutes while I took pictures), it must have been through some traumatic situations for it to have landed in that state of antennae brokenness. I too was heart broken. I had gone through (and still going through) a few situations that seemed to have broken my heart. I felt what the grasshopper felt.

At that moment of realization, the words of Jesus hit me. He had promised his disciples that He "would neither leave them nor forsake them." He had promised them that He would be with them till the end regardless of the accidents, turbulence, problems, and antennae-broken situations they go through. The same promise is available to you. He knows what you’re going through. He knows & understands that you can’t feel, see, sense or act the way you used to because your heart has been broken by someone or something or you. And though there’s the tendency to FEEL that no one understands or KNOWS what you’re going through, trust me when I say this: He understands, He KNOWS.

And though the broken antennae might be the first thing you or others see, all He can see is the BEAUTY in you. All He can see is the potentials you’re capable of. Potentials that can only be fully realized if we’re conscious of the fact that He has promised not to leave us or forsake us. He has promised to ALWAYS be with us.

Whatever the antennae-broken situation that you might have found yourself in that has made you loose your ability to perceive, feel or be what you’re meant to be, realize that the consciousness of this weakness of yours should make you depend more on Him for strength. For in our weakness is His strength made manifest.

Something tells me that this grasshopper will probably outlive its healthy counterparts because if God could use it to teach me a lesson, He must be a very caring God that will not allow the antennae-broken grasshopper to die without being a blessing to a human called Seun Akisanmi.

ON YOUR MARKS, GET SET GO – My first day at school

SUNDAY, 5TH JULY 2015. 9:37 pm

I had just finished a chaper of Don Soderquist’s The Walmart way – The inspiring story of one of the world’s biggest (or biggest if I’m not mistaken) retail store and more than ever I felt so inspired to be a part of the eloPhotos experience (My internship programme) and give whatever it takes to be at the top of my game at school which had been scheduled to kick off the next day!

Still sunk in memories of the book, I began to pen a few things in my jotter which would form the basis of what I planned to achieve during my stay at eloPhotos! As much as I was eagerly passionate about it, I was worried! Well, not until I remembered God’s word for me in 1 Peter 5:7 encouraging me to cast all my cares on Him.

I concluded to myself that I was going to take things as they come and give my best at everything I would lay my hands upon. I tried reading… couldn’t just concentrate as many images and ideas bugged me real hard… The last time I had this experience was probably when I was to resume senior secondary school which was my first boarding school experience. No doubt, the next day was gonna be the beginning of a life changing encounter. I just couldn’t wait for it!

MONDAY, 4TH JULY 2015. 4:20 AM

Waking up very early in the morning wasn’t quite of an issue; having to hand over everything to God simply does the trick for me. With my mind set on the goal – not getting to school late, I did every single thing with respect to time. Don’t ask me why I didn’t want to get to school late. If you’ve done your assignment well, *Lol you’d know by now that Mr. Seun hates late coming with a passion. Sometimes I wonder whether he had once had a terrible experience with late coming. I had waited for this moment all my life and here it was. In no time, I was ready to go to school and for me, I was beginning to “smell” fulfilment even though for me it was still miles away.

Anyone who had seen me going to the park would have thought I was almost late for a flight. All that occupied my mind was the experience that was about to begin.

Fast forward to when I alighted at First gate bus stop (The bus stop just few meters away from eloPhotos). Walking, jogging, running, sincerely I don’t know what I was doing. At that moment, I felt like Paul in Philippians 3:14 “pressing on towards the goal”.

“Akin!!!” (My surname is Akindele, hence the use of Akin as the call in this story) My heart skipped a beat. I would recognize Mr. Seun’s voice even in the deepest of oceans. I had heard that voice over and over again even in my dreams. Come to think of it, I think I had a dream the night before about Mr. Seun. Now I can’t even properly recollect. I took a walk back to meet him and his first daughter (the famous Anuoluwapo). The details of our conversation, I won’t reveal. Now before you think anything, it was just one of the normal teacher – student instructions oh and nothing more!

Monday, 4th JULY 2015. 8:00 am

I heard voices singing and for a second I thought of the angels singing Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord. In a few minutes I knew it was the morning devotion I had read about for so many months now. I joined them in worshipping and it reminded me of the quiet time I had some hours earlier in the day. It’s quite funny how my brain works; how that virtually everything reminds me of something else. I believe I’m weird; quite strange and unusual. I enjoyed every single moment of the worship. It was led by a colleague I later got to know is named Tunde. Then, the moment of truth was here when we had to sit and hear our boss of life (Mr. Seun Akisanmi) talk to us. Just before you think of another thing it reminded me of, just let me continue my story. My mind went places again. As we laughed and laughed, I almost imagined how interesting it would have been for the 12 disciples listening to Jesus sitting in rounds. He wasn’t Jesus but for real, we were and still are his disciples! Over time, I have discovered that I never get bored listening to Mr. Seun. I always love looking into his eyes as he talks. It has formed a great inspiration for me personally. I was almost thinking of just remaining in eloPhotos for a life time. I felt quite strange in the midst of these guys; it was my first time and I was unfamiliar with anyone except of course the one and only Mr. Seun. Mr. Seun had to introduce me to the whole class as the newest intern and I had to join everyone in narrating how the previous week had gone. This for me, helped my accountability life. I now knew that apart from God, there still is someone I need to report myself to every week.

Oh no, don’t tell me I forgot to tell you this, just during the introduction, Mr. Seun dropped the shocker; Anuoluwapo, his first daughter had told him that I looked like a secondary school student! Strange right, well I guess that was a pointer to the fact that I needed to… no. I’d just be myself. I wished I had given her the little gift in my bag though.

After the disciple experience, we had quite a short time to “flex” just before our class began. The class was taken by Mr. Toye Peters and we had a great time, I must confess. I wished this experience would just continue – for us to listen to photography gist on and on and on. Oh…did I tell you I saw the spectacular Miss kike. She was also around for our devotion even though she wasn’t FULLY with us. Every day I get an opportunity to take a close look at her, I’m always awed ‘cuz to me, nothing is special about her o – just small, light complexioned and all but she has such a big brain, big heart and tack sharp images *Lol (I learnt that also from http://www.elophotos.com). Of a truth, as a lady, she inspires me. She makes me just want to go the extra mile in photography. By the way, her full name is Kikelomo Koleosho and the name of her outfit is Red 19 photography (I bet that rings a bell).

So, back to 12b Fagba crescent Agidingbi, (That was just a proverbial way of mentioning eloPhotos studios); I had a real time familiarizing myself with the environment and of course with the interns learning photography. We had a bit of practicing with the camera and all. It’s really funny how time just flies when you’re at eloPhotos especially when you have to talk business with Mr. Seun; you just get inspired all the way. I felt like spending some more time but then, I had to go home.

I was tired, weak and hungry but at the same time joyful, inspired and fired up! My first day at school sorry eloPhotos was an experience to be written in one’s diary. I got home a bit late – You know how traffic can be in Lasgidi nah but I was really happy to have made such a great decision. I couldn’t wait for the next day to come

I am Boluwatife Akindele and more than ever, I’m proud to be a photographer and to be associated with eloPhotos academy!

The Galatians 6:7 Principle

For whoever is a Christian, Gal 6:7 would almost be in your list of well-read scriptures because it has over time, grown into a passage that every Tom, Dick and Harry uses to judge some situations whether they are right or wrong. Galatians 6:7 states that “Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.”

I’ve come to understand that if you sow into the life of your mentor, you definitely would reap bountifully. Well, only on the condition that you sow right but then not sowing and sowing right would definitely attract its own fruits which would be the rewards. Many times, you don’t have to do this directly; it can also be done indirectly. There are a million and one ways to sow into the life of a mentor and I’d be listing a few. Paying a token to learn from such a person can be a form of sowing a seed. Buying him or her things is a way of connecting to not only the mentor but the creator of the mentor. Dedicating special time to understanding their vision and also helping them to achieve this is also a way of sowing a seed. It’s a common saying that when you climb on the shoulders of a mentor, you are able to do things more than them not because you are better but because of the pitfalls you have been able to see ahead and avoid as a result of the platform you’ve been raised on. This is also a way of sowing a seed because you promote them and bring out the greatness in them. Giving or sowing now as the topic implies provides the platform to also roll minds with great people; there are many times you get the opportunity to do a few things not really because you are qualified to do such things but because you’ve been able to adequately leverage on the platform that your sowing into the life of your mentor has provided for you.

When we look around us and we talk about great people, there are things that we will notice/observe about such a person be it their awards, financial splendour and the influence. The God that we serve is so great that it is only a fool that will not associate himself with Him. He will never give right to the left and left to the right

Seeds are hard to sow; it’s quite easy to throw the seeds of an orange away than culture it into being a big tree. It’s easier to just spend that money with you than sow it into the life of a mentor. It’s much easier to pray for yourself than involve the name of someone else in your prayers. Seeds are quite hard to sow but the reward is bountiful; so why not face the pain now and enjoy later. Ignore the pain and sow the seed. Ignore the difficulties and sow the seed.

I am Emmanuel Obanijesu Omole and I am a photographer.

One week; many escapades

Monday was filled with teaching activities.

Tuesday was a day out with photography. We really did not have much to do in school, so I planned to join Kikelomo for her workshop. On my way, I embarked on street photography, I found it really interesting because it wasn’t just shooting without a specific theme. I had a vivid understanding of what I was looking for and mostly went out of the way in achieving the shots. The most daunting part was seeking the approval of the market woman (especially the ones closer or directly opposite the subject) to sit with them so as to get better shots. Added to the archive are three pictures of mad men and beggars with kids on the street while it’s raining. On returning to eloPhotos, I discovered that the workshop couldn’t hold any longer; I then resolved into editing some work stacked in my hard drive. Later in the day, kike and I went for a family shoot as I assisted her in holding the reflector as the need arose, posing the subjects and we brainstormed on appropriate background to use for different attires/outlook. I learnt to be more patient with the subjects especially where children of different temperament are involved. I also learnt to be more of help with the client and even to laugh/smile often with them even at the most silly things. (Tactfully anyways *smiles*). Mrs Ofure, Kike and I had a swell time together till the early hours of the morning. With this, Tuesday was a wrap.

Nothing much happened on Wednesday so I continued with reading a book titled “With this ring” -a Christian novel written by Taiwo Iredele. I have learnt with time of being at eloPhotos that every successful being must allocate quality time to reading.

Thursday came in a blink of an eye. I took a brisk tour to eloPhotos in other to make use of a system overnight to complete my editing as my laptop wasn’t function normally again. Came back on Friday and alongside Akin covered the valedictory service of the outgoing SS3 students. For the very first time, I had issues with the so called ‘Pa-Pa-Pa Photographers’. We endeavoured to do an instant print for the students and at a point we ran out of paper. Realized it’s not quite profitable printing with such paper especially when they are paying next to nothing in comparison.

Dashed to the print lab on Saturday to print the remaining pictures, after which I divulged the book ‘You can negotiate anything’; the almighty recommendation by Mr. Seun. Thought Sunday was meant to be a resting day but not the case this Sunday. I Got home late from church, did heavy laundry which I hadnt done in such a long while.  Not long after did I discover that the sky was beautiful after the heavy down pour, so I took my camera and started shooting beautiful sky – that’s the life of a photographer mehn… We just keep shooting…

On this note I tender my weekly escapades. The two pictures attached were the ones taken with my camera phone during the tour. The second shot depicts the inscription ‘guard your heart with all diligence’.

Charis 5 photography

One long week at eloPhotos

Another adventure as a new intern at the ELOPHOTOS ACADEMY began on Monday 13th, July 2015. As usual, Mondays are always a busy day here in Lagos, nevertheless as I dress up to go work ,there is this big picture in my heart, and the consciousness that  I’m a  new intern at the prestigious ELOPHOTOS ACADEMY, makes  me feel like there’s nothing I can’t achieve. This first just concluded week has been such an adventurous one for me. I arrived ELOPHOTOS ACADEMY at about 7am on
Monday; thoughts of how things were being done at the academy flooded my heart, and thoughts of getting acquainted to my new classmates. Before long, virtually all the students were come together for the morning devotion, it was a once in a life time devotional prayer and praise session, as one of the interns named BOLUWATIFE AKINDELE filled the room with worship, as we all praises to the lord, before TUNDE TALABI; another intern lead us in an Holy Ghost filled prayer session. One would mistake the academy for a prayer meeting this particular Monday.

After benediction, a roster with portions of chores was read out and everyone got busy putting things in other. After we finished the chore assigned to us all, it was time for the business of the day which of course was learning photography. .After the class ended, it was practical time. Myself and a few of my colleagues went shooting images at the road side just to help us attain perfection in the area of photography that our teacher; MR TOYE PETERS had earlier taught us in the class.

As the night drew near, I thought to myself how could I be better at what I do, the answer came the next day when our highly esteemed director; SIR SEUN AKISANMI, called us for a meeting with him. For me, it was not just a meeting but a turning point in my life and my chosen career. He spoke about some basic imperfections, and gave advice to us all. There were many instructions and guidelines he gave
us in his words which sent chills to our spines. One of such questions which struck me was when he asked, “WHAT QUALITY IN YOU WILL MAKE A CLIENT HIRE YOU ABOVE ANOTHER PHOTOGRAPHER?”

The room was filled with dead faces and minds trying to fathom what answer to give to this question. The answers from other interns weren’t really convincing to me as I couldn’t think of what would make a client hire me above another photographer. As the meeting was coming to an end he gave us an assignment to take 10 different head shots of people in our vicinity. After thinking of where to get 10 headshots, an idea of going to the mall at Alausa Ikeja came and I was happy that some of my colleagues liked the idea, followed me and it was a great time at the mall. Talking to people I’ve never met to allow me
take a head shot of them proved to be herculean task, but we got a few nice shots and went back to the academy.

In less than a week, I’m now used to everyone at the eloPhotos Academy. Thursday was a very busy day for everyone at the academy as some were busy completing the frames that were to be used at a 70th birthday of a client, the preceding day which was a Friday, some were charging batteries to be used, others running errands so as to make the Fridays event on point, if I end without expressing my gratitude to an exceptional intern whose character towards me was nice, then I’m just like that basket that can’t hold
water, it was past the hour of 4 when YEWANDE an intern  came to me and said,

“I noticed that since you came to this academy, have not seen you eating before, are you fasting?”

I reluctantly smiled and replied I wasn’t fasting but I might have been overwhelmed by the purpose for which I was here than watching over what to eat. She left and when she returned few minutes later, and she asked me to accompany her to get food, only to find out she was actually buying the food for me. I was left humbled by her kind heartedness and I want her to know I sincerely appreciated the food. Friday came and it was the anticipated birthday of our client. I was be privileged to be a backup photographer at the event which started at the church before we moved down to the reception at the Muson centre Onikan, for the reception of the ceremony. It was a big birthday party as many dignitaries were present, too much to mention after taking shots over shots the birthday came to an end we headed back to the academy. It was a wonderful outing for me and I knew it was the same for my colleagues too. I
really want to say a big thank you to SIR SEUN AKISANMI; CERTIFIED OLUYA for giving me the opportunity to be a part of what I love to do best; freezing time through photographs …..

I am King Lemuel and I am a photographer.