PERSISTENCE; Its role in my photography career

If there is anything you must do on daily basis among several others, it is to remain undeterred through all the daily challenges. You will have to face challenges on a daily basis; some of them will try to break you. For some of those challenges, you will feel like giving up but you can’t afford to do that. At Elophotos you will have to wake up early enough every morning in order to get to the office on time, you will also have to learn to be corrected by those who have gone ahead of you, and you will learn to run errands, irrespective of your BSc degree. Above all, you will learn that the journey to the top isn’t rosy at all. If you know what some people are going through to get things done, for you then you will not be discouraged by the challenges you face daily to make things happen for others.
A few weeks back I was asked to go pay the nepa bill of my office by Mr. Seun I thought it was going to be easy only for it to turn out the other way round. When I got to the nepa office their server was down and they could not collect cash and therefore I had to try to beg people who had an ATM to help me pay, but still yet nobody was ready to collect 15,000 naira cash from me. At that point, the right thing to do would have been to give up but I followed through the stress until I did what I wanted to do. Eventually I scaled that hurdle when I went back to pay the money into an account the next day which made it easier for me to be able to use an ATM to make payment.  
I want to encourage you not to let the daily challenges you are going through deter you from what you set out to achieve.
Each time you think about the challenges, just think about the things you set out to achieve, don’t give up on your focus or dreams and passion just because of your daily challenges. Remember that your challenges will barely leave you until you have achieved what you set out to achieve.
In fact, those challenges are there to try to stop you so never let the challenges discourage or deter you. If you remain resolute, you will win and laugh last because your challenges will make you come out strong.
Join me, Obaloluwa obanijesu Omole as i remain in my journey to become the World best photographer.
Here are the pictures I took this week….



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