The Young Shall Grow

When will I make it, when will I blow, when will I be known also? These were the words I woke up with in the early hours of sunday morning.. Yes they say the young shall grow, but what would I grow up to become. What would I grow up to achieve, because so many people have gone ahead of me and yet they are still trying to keep the pace.  Yes every day I hear new names and at times I pray to God to be better and more than them. But yet I still ask myself how? What should I do, were should I go, who are those I should dine with, who are those I should share my goal and vision with in order to help me achieve my dreams.

This street of photography is full of traffic, just like that of ketu to Ikorodu, even when this has been a problem it still does not stop people from plying this route everyday. And then I asked myself again, are this people not tired or better still can’t they just take a day to all rest at home. Which brings me to the fact that” a man who does not work should not think of food in return so therefore if they should act based on my thought, then they would go hungry which they cannot afford.

Every single person in photography today want to be know for something, we all want o carve out a niche for ourselves that will stand us and single us out. Which also boils down to the fact that when you meet a Top Photographer in the industry and you ask him how he made it. He would simply tell you “networking” connecting with the right set of people.

I wonder and think again is it that the God factor isn’t involved, or is the Grace Of God also a part of “networking”? Because taken a look at a passage in the bible which says that “if God be for you who can be against you, and if God be against you, then who can be for you, nobody. Which makes me to say that with God all things are possible and that with him your  connection is sure
Having thought about all this in the early hours of sunday morning, I discovered I was running late to church, and because of the God factor which is my own network, I have to go talk to him. Because for real without you baba God I don’t think I can achieve anything.
Do not forget, “the glory of the latter will always be greater than that of the former”.This makes me to conclude that because I have dined and am still dining with Kings then automatically in my own time and in my own season.

Emmanuel Obaloluwa Obanijesu Omole will stand out as one of those World photographers to look out for. Join me in my world as I continue to be a work in process. God bless you.

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