Early Photography vs. Contemporary Photography

Early Photography started in 19th Century. The pictures that were taken were in black and white (monochrome), they took pictures of people’s stern look and unsmiling faces because they felt that it had a unique beauty in it’s way and portrays art.

The first camera was called Pin hole camera invented by Maxwell, then later Camera Obscura came into being, which took a longer exposure period almost 8hours.

Joseph Nicéphore Niépce took the first picture and is refered to as the Father of Photography.

Much later George Eastman invented Kodak which was a well known company for the usage of film.

Early Photography could only be afforded by important personalities for example Queen of England, Winston Church hill, etc.

Examples of early photographers are Youssuf Karsh, Ansel Adams,etc.

Contemporary Photography started in the 21st Century precisely 1990s. The  computer-based electronic digital cameras were introduced and it was indeed a Revolution in photography.

It made life easier and it was widely appreciated because photographers achieved better image quality and  digital cameras was improved year after year. Mostly the pictures that were taken came out in colours, though monochrome too could be achieved but it was a matter of choice. Pictures were recorded on memory cards, it could take more images than film and it gave more room for  setting and expression to the photographer’s desired taste.

Contemporary photography can be afforded by both the important personalities and the common man, unlike Early photography.

Examples of Contemporary Photographers are Joe McNally, Zack and Jody, Kelechi Amadi-Obi, TY Bello, etc.

We have cameras like Nikon, Canon, Olympus, Sony, etc.

In conclusion Comtemporary Photography, I can say has been the best thing after sliced bread.:mrgreen:

By Yewande Oladipo

The Retouching of A Portrait

One of the classes at the just concluded NIPHEC 2015 that left a huge impression on me was the class on professionally retouching a portrait, by Ayodimeji Olugbewesa (aka D’mayo).

One would see the young D’mayo, and would not really expect much of him, but the lanky retoucher and photographer was no-short of being
qualified for facilitating the class. The hallmark of the class was simplicity. D’mayo was able to alternate our thinking to the essence of retouching, which is to enhance images and not to repair, and to its simple process as well.

After some little efforts I’ve made since the end of the NIPHEC, towards practising what I’ve learnt in the class, that of last week still seems to be the only one that have brought me closest to understanding the process, and getting the result. However, I’m yet to still fully retouch a portrait.

D’mayo took us through the process which include, healing, dodging and burning, frequency separation, skin smoothening, and color toning. Others include sharpening and the use of liquify.

As simple as all these may seem in the class, though relatively complex too, it seems re-doing it or practising it is a different experience. For instance, except for the healing process, which I’ve successfully mastered, I still needed to surf the internet to understand and practice others.

One of the process, which I’ve also understood better and able to use is frequency separation. The technique is very helpful when retouching an image, as it helps one separates the color of an image from its texture, which makes it possible for one work independently on one, without affecting the other.

The other retouching process, which I’m still having some difficulty successfully using them are dodging and burning, skin smoothening and color toning. My dilemma is not in the ‘how to do it’, but applying it to achieve a good result, especially dodging and burning.

The dodging and burning process is a secondary means to emphasize highlights and shadows, after good lighting in portraits. And for retouchers, its a always tool that comes handy anytime.

Photography is an art, and so is retouching, one can only get better by research and practice, but I’m in no haste to shortcut understanding it. Its now my resolution not to patronise mediocre methods of editing portraits, because I know I’ll only get better when I endure doing it right. This reminds me of the lesson my typewriting teacher taught me in secondary school. As beginners in typewriting, she taught us to ignore speed but to focus on accuracy. By focusing on accuracy, our speed will only get better overtime.

Sodeeq Akorede

The Young Shall Grow

When will I make it, when will I blow, when will I be known also? These were the words I woke up with in the early hours of sunday morning.. Yes they say the young shall grow, but what would I grow up to become. What would I grow up to achieve, because so many people have gone ahead of me and yet they are still trying to keep the pace.  Yes every day I hear new names and at times I pray to God to be better and more than them. But yet I still ask myself how? What should I do, were should I go, who are those I should dine with, who are those I should share my goal and vision with in order to help me achieve my dreams.

This street of photography is full of traffic, just like that of ketu to Ikorodu, even when this has been a problem it still does not stop people from plying this route everyday. And then I asked myself again, are this people not tired or better still can’t they just take a day to all rest at home. Which brings me to the fact that” a man who does not work should not think of food in return so therefore if they should act based on my thought, then they would go hungry which they cannot afford.

Every single person in photography today want to be know for something, we all want o carve out a niche for ourselves that will stand us and single us out. Which also boils down to the fact that when you meet a Top Photographer in the industry and you ask him how he made it. He would simply tell you “networking” connecting with the right set of people.

I wonder and think again is it that the God factor isn’t involved, or is the Grace Of God also a part of “networking”? Because taken a look at a passage in the bible which says that “if God be for you who can be against you, and if God be against you, then who can be for you, nobody. Which makes me to say that with God all things are possible and that with him your  connection is sure
Having thought about all this in the early hours of sunday morning, I discovered I was running late to church, and because of the God factor which is my own network, I have to go talk to him. Because for real without you baba God I don’t think I can achieve anything.
Do not forget, “the glory of the latter will always be greater than that of the former”.This makes me to conclude that because I have dined and am still dining with Kings then automatically in my own time and in my own season.

Emmanuel Obaloluwa Obanijesu Omole will stand out as one of those World photographers to look out for. Join me in my world as I continue to be a work in process. God bless you.

A Week of a Thousand Photography-related Tasks

As my alarm rang at 5:30am, I felt a little lazy to get up, I wanted to snooze it to 5:45am, but a voice reminded me that I might end up waking up by 12noon if I tried it, so I managed to get up, I said my prayers and got ready for church. I had to dress up earlier than the time I normally do since I got to Lagos because I had just joined the Media department of the Lagos branch of our church COZA, so I was trying to get myself used to the call time for workers which is 7am.

Meanwhile there was a kind of “awoof” for me that day, a worker in the church told me that I could join him in his ride to church since He will be leaving early too, so I caught up with him at our agreed time,then off to church in my long lacy fitted chain detailed gown..hmmm, I had sown that gown for about 3 months and Sunday happened to be my first time wearing the dress, it was our thanksgiving service and I couldn’t afford not to look good on that day. Afterall, despite all the challenges I have been experiencing, there is still a space for thanksgiving to God ke!

“Ohhh! It’s Monday again!” was the thought in my mind when my alarm rang, I stretched and stretched and stretched but still had to get up, I got myself ready for work, it occurred to me that I had to meet up with 7:30am resumption time, so I hurriedly dressed up and left for the Studio. As soon as I arrived the studio, I did my chores and completed my own devotion, then we had to do our own devotion at eloPhotos, then we did last week’s appraisal. Much later, the interns had a class with Mr. Toye on “History of camera”. We even had a more interactive class on that day, it didn’t stop those that normally sleep from sleeping in class, so it occurred to me that most of us get interested in class when there are screens to project what is been taught.

Later, I was sent to Mr Clever’s office to fix the handle of one of the photobook’s boxes, I got there at Ogba and had to wait for so long, after I had calculated how early I needed to leave for church that day. They really spent time fixing that box and it made me to return to the studio around 6:40pm, by the time I delivered the message and got ready to leave, it was already 5 minutes after 7pm, so it occurred to me that I will get to church atleast at about 7:50pm or 8pm or even later than that, so I had to go home that day. I was not happy because I really didn’t want to miss out a day from those ‘days of glory’. Well God knows best.

On Tuesday, we continued our lecture about the camera, I was showing my colleagues some pictures of two guys in the air when Mr. Seun called me. Thank God He sent me early enough to Pictureworks at Yaba, because I can’t imagine missing the last day of our ‘7 days of glory’.

I got to Pictureworks, requested to see Mrs Folake, after I discussed with her what I wanted, she personally dragged a chair for me beside that same lady that gave us attitude the first day we went there, Ofcourse she was more composed and treated me with respect that day.

I noticed that almost all the staff were wearing long faces. Especially the person who I was told will be the one to do the photobook, He was just frowning his face all over the place, then I overheard the lady asking him how many more days they had for their ‘fast’ to be over, so it occurred to me that He is a muslim and was being cranky because of his fast.    

I did what I had to do and got back to the studio in a good time and changed my clothes for the church service.

It was a long and interesting service, I got home late, thank God someone dropped me off.

I woke up on Wednesday with body pains, “it must be the stress from yesterday” I thought to myself. So I had to take permission to be late because I wasn’t sure I could go to the Studio but I managed to go. When I got to the studio I realised that there was supposed to be a NIPHEC meeting, so we got ready and started off, Mr Seun was not available so Tunde coordinated the meeting, everyone aired their views and made complaints and I took the minutes of the meeting. I wasn’t feeling so well that day so I had to take permission to go home earlier than the normal closing time.

I had to take the minutes of Mr. Seun’s meeting with Mr. Kolawole,on Wednesday. The meeting was shorter that the one we had last week. Bolu was also there, He was also noting down some points.

We finished the meeting and I joined the class that had already started with Mr. Toye, it was about camera parts and their functions, I was so excited because I had been waiting for that lesson about camera parts, to me it was a interesting class because I got to know the functions of some parts of the camera that day.

After the lecture, I went out to do my rice and beans picture project and later joined few of my colleagues who were trying out panning images (putting a vehicle in focus and blurring the background while the vehicle is in motion). I tried out mine but it took me a while to get one, so I went back inside the studio and we tried out light painting, it was an exciting moment.

On Friday, I got to the studio did my chores and settled in. I had an interesting experience with the rain that day, when it was raining, I took few pictures to still the movement of the rain both the ones falling from the roof and the movement of the water in the bucket which gave me an abstract effect. I tried copying the pictures into my laptop but my laptop developed a fault again.

When the rain subsided it was time to pick Anu at school, so I seized that opportunity to go with whoever would pick her in order to inquire about the summer school, because I needed to get myself an extra income, I went to Tomobid too that day.

Saturday was just a resting day for me, I didn’t have cash at hand so I couldn’t go to teach Anu French. I spent that day doing house chores and getting ready for church.

Note: I will send the pictures as soon as I get a laptop to transfer my pictures to my phone. Thank you.

Yewande Oladipo