A Photographer’s Week of Rice & Beans

On Lagos’ yellow buses the passengers are either as quiet as nothing or they argue as loud as ever. On this particular one I boarded from mile 2 to oshodi was the noisiest, everyone but me and a man beside me argued so loud including the conductor over the nuisances generators create. Some said the noise from their neighbours’ gen disturb their sleep at night while others claim the heat from it makes the weather hotter than it should. As I sat quietly wondering if this argument would actually stop the use of generators in lagos state, the conductor announced charity bus-stop and the man beside me signaled he’ll alight there but before he did he touched a man before him who seemed to be the chief speaker and said you only find out your neighbours’ generator is constituting nuisance if only your’s is off, you don’t have one or the fume from your neighbours’ finds its way into your apartment. That threw everyone to laughter in concurrence apart from the chief speaker. 

Soon I got down and boarded another bus to the office (eloPhotos), although not sure if what the man who got down at charity bus-stop said was actually true but from that moment I kept asking myself “do we notice and get offended with people’s attitude because we are idle or because what they do actually affect us?” With that I made a decision not to avoid people but be busy with something meaningful or better still sleep than find faults with people. (Huge deviation right?)

At the office a call from the Monday morning devotion was made  and Tunde an intern coordinated,  praying intensely for the week, eloPhotos leadership and love among the interns. After prayers Mr Seun talked briefly on the reports, he praised and criticised as always then revealed the photo album I anticipated last week. It was beautiful the best I’ve seen so far especially the synthetic album (everyone in my opinion needs to own one). After the meeting he gave an assignment for the week which seemed unachievable (counting five hundred grains of rice or beans and making a creative picture out of them). At first I was amazed, I thought who could do that?  Well since two interns have taken it on themselves to bring rice and beans I said I’ll do the counting.  It was an interesting and funny scene counting grains of rice but to my surprise five hundred grains was a little below a full disposable spoon (the white one).I formed my name with the grains and took pictures which was creative to me until I saw a colleague’s creativity (smiles).

Theoretical classes by Mr Toye held as well as practicals arranged by the interns daily, where I learnt a lot about camera settings ranging from shutter speed, aperture, ISO to lenses and how to trigger speed lights.  I learnt about depth of field, freeze someone jumping without blur, take a studio shot and panning which I didn’t get well (which I’m still working on).

There was a post NiPHEC meeting at the eloPhoto studio where the previous NiPHEC  was analysed, in attendance were the organisers and current interns. There were suggestions, objections and corrections all geared into planning and achieveing a bigger, better and debt free NiPHEC in the future. After the meeting Mr Busayo led some interns to a one hour “Highend Portrait Retouching” class with D’ Mayo which was interesting although I didn’t get all he said because it was kind of advanced but I’m glad I was there.

At eloPhotos learning and creativity has no end, from the vast library here I’ve tasked myself to completely reading a book weekly which I’m glad I achieved this week (I read “The digital photography book pt1 by scott kelby) I learnt a lot. From the creative point of eloPhotos comes the new forms and shapes of frames very different from the regular square and rectangular shaped frames.  I’ll make one next week and you’ll sure get every detail of the making. 

With a sure heart and a big smile I can say this past week was an edifying one.

Yours Photographically,
Pius francisca


3 Things eloPhotos Academy Will Make You Become

Its very impressive that the photography industry is witnessing some enviable changes, one of which is the level of youth enthusiasm about the art. Almost everyone wants to carry the camera. Photography is now the wanted bride for many youths who either approach it business or as an hobby.

As with anything in life, knowledge is key. The importance of
acquiring the knowledge of photography for those will later run
photography business, or will become super-hobbyists, cannot be
over-emphasized. The skill makes the photographer, not the camera.

The other impressive thing is that, there exists credible
photographers and institutions in the industry, to cater for this high
knowledge-demand for photography. One of such institutions is elo
Photos academy, and having once been an intern at eloPhotos Academy, I can assure you, you are making the right choice if you’ve decided, or deciding to join the academy.

Beyond being a person that knows how to use the light and press the
shutter, these are the 3 other things eloPhotos will make you become.

As one of the terms of engagement, it is required of all interns at
the academy to submit weekly reports/articles not less than 500 words.

Most times, we think of writing as one burgeoning task only to be
compulsorily undertaken by literature students. But at eloPhotos, the
story is different; you can also be a writer. At the end of your
training, you would have written at least, 26 reports/articles. What
this guarantees is that you may not be a Wole-Soyinka or
Chimamanda-Adieche kind of writer, but your writing skill would have
drastically improved overtime.
Think of your writing needs as a photographer – updating your website,
preparing clients agreements, developing contents for training
purposes, and so on. Proficiency in all these won’t come by magic,
but by constantly developing your writing skill.

Intrapreneur is a word carved out from entrepreneur to represent those innovative personnels/employees within an organisation, whose
brain-children and efforts result in increased profit and market share
for the organisation. At eloPhotos Academy, interns enjoy the
opportunity of being part of the management of eloPhotos Studio. This privilege makes it possible for interns to understand practically, the running of a photography outfit, and to also suggest and execute novel ideas to promote the brand.

At eloPhotos academy, you will be challenged to think differently, to
bring innovative solutions, and to execute tasks you never thought you
would have been able to do. All these are what will prepare you to become a successful Photopreneur after graduation. Testimonies abound from the alumni, such as, Toye Peters, Tosin Bakre and so on.

Networking and networking skills is very crucial to our survival as
photographers, and so do, other professions. The need for good
networking skills cannot be over-emphasized. Its the life-blood of any
career, beyond talent and skill.

Not so many of us have developed this skill, and that is one thing eloPhotos will imbibe in you. As Kikelomo Koleosho once said, ‘eloPhotos is a base’. A base that serves as a platform for connecting with other photographers in the industry, both locally and internationally.

You can take the pain to ask any eloPhotos alumnus you know, if
there’s any local photographer they’ve not met, or worked with. The
opportunities just seem to be endless at the academy. What are you waiting for, go out there and bring your imaginations into reality.

Sodeeq Akorede