The Day I Shot Jesus: Chapter 7

I was introduced to Mary Magdalene, Martha (Lararus’ brother), Ruth Obed, Ruth Graham, & Ruth Munroe. I had met the first 3 women a few years earlier but this would be the first time I would meet Billy Graham’s wife & Myles Munroe wife

WOW. What a moment. Meeting the great personalities of history that one had only heard or read about was always inspiring. Little did I know that the assignment I had been entrusted with will bring to my pathway people of great repute in the Kingdom. At that point I could sense that the Lord orchestrated that I meet with all these individuals just hours before His shoot. It was His way of helping me see the from different perspectives how the Lord see things and people. It reminded me of how great his mercy and love towards mankind was.

If the people that would reign with Christ in His millennial Kingdom were to be handpicked by man, I’m 99% convinced that most men would not have chosen someone like Mary Magdalene of whom 7 demons had been casted out of. It was hard to even imagine that 7 demons once dwelled in the being of such a fair & beautiful woman. To crown it all, her name was mentioned in the New Testament more than some of the 12 disciples of Jesus.

Looking at her, the song of Donnie McClurkin began playing in my heart:
‘Great is Your mercy towards me
Your loving kindness towards me
Your tender mercy, I see
Day after day

Forever faithful towards me
Always providing for me
Great is Your mercy towards me
Great is Your grace’

I was momentarily lost in worship. The voice of Favour brought me back. "I know you must have a lot to sort out before the shoot so we won’t delay your intenary," she said.

"I’m still on track," I replied. "Besides, I have a feeling that all these interactions will help my session with the Lord."

"We’ll need to have you checked into your room in time for you to join us for the dinner by midnight," John said.

"You might have to give me till 12:15am to get back from my room," I replied. With Favour still holding tightly unto my hands and motioning towards the check-in desk, I thanked everyone for the hospitable welcome and told them how excited I look forward to joining them shortly for the dinner.

Leaving John, Tosin & the entire "welcome" team behind and walking towards the check-in counter with Favour by my side and Folu ahead, I suddenly realised how oblivious I had been to the fact that there were other people (besides us) in the hotel lobby. Doing a quick maths, I estimated there were about 32 humans and less than 10 glorified beings in the lobby. Most of the humans were families who just checked out of their rooms and were waiting for their rides to pull up.

It was interesting to watch how humans interacted seamlessly with glorified beings. [By "humans" , I refer to the generation of people that were born after Christ's Return and by "glorified beings", I refer to those that had returned with Jesus from heaven and/or had "heavenly bodies"]. I watched with interest as a teenager played chess with an Angel and seemed to be winning. "Checkmate in 2 moves & there’s nothing you can do about it," the teenager had told his competition.

"How was the Atlantic train trip," Favour asked as we got to the check-in desk.

"Always an exhilarating experience. I’m yet to meet someone that was ever bored on the underwater train. I even got a few pictures of 2 blue whales."

"Let me see them, let me see them pleeeeeaaaaaaasssse," Favour said with her hands clapped together & rubbing each other.

"No You Can’t," a voice shouted from behind us. It was one of those voices I had grown accustomed to hearing. "Try to be more patient and allow Mr Seun settle down first," Ofure added. At 33 years old, Ofure was the first human I’ll meet at the hotel that night. She had given her life to Jesus after visiting Jerusalem in 2123 for a makeup artist’ internship with MM Fashion, an international fashion brand owned by Mary Magdalene. We had met countless times and had worked with her on a number of photo sessions. The Lord had impressed on my heart that I should have her on board as my makeup artist and I had contacted her to brief her on the photo session of the century.

"Ooooooohhhhh," Favour murmured with a smile.

"I thought you were supposed to call me upon your arrival here," Ofure said while simultaneously punching me in the stomach.

"I’m so sorry," I replied with a big hug that lifted her 4ft3inches stature off the ground. "I’m so sorry."

Time stamp: 11:39pm

"Francesco Tonelli just called," Folu interrupted. "He said he’s been calling you but you’re not picking and just wanted to wish you the best on your shoot with His Royal Highness. He’s in Syria doing a food photography shoot for a restaurant and wishes he was here with us."

"Thanks. Please remind me to call him later in the day," I said while grabbing the keys to my room on 85th floor. We had barely taken 3 steps away from the check-in desk when I saw (by the elevators lobby entrance) the profile view of a photographer I have had the privilege of training over 120 years earlier. Basirat was a Muslim that had eventually given her life to Jesus after the aftermath of the Rapture that saw many Christians and children disappear from the face of the earth. {I smiled and hoped that all these people I was meeting and greeting will not make me late for my dinner with John & co.}

To be continued…

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