Alexander’s Day in 2025

The following happened on the 28th of June, 2025.

Feeling relaxed at my hotel at about 2:43AM that morning, I got up from the bed and off to my thinking and meditation moment, my daily ritual after just a few knap, it has been work, planning and getting ready for the big event. Exactly at about 30 minutes later, it dawned on me that have not commune with my father, the creator of heaven and earth. I had my personal quiet time with the creator committing all that is in the day to him and then back to my meditation and planning. I could hardly think through because there were many call distraction because of the big day.
As the cloud paves way for the daylight, my little girl jump into the room to embrace her number one hero saying, she has missed me so much, and truth be told, I miss her more especially my best friend(wife) and my cute boy she is backing who is fast asleep, his birthday are weeks away . Time for devotion my first born son cries, and we ended up doing that in the hotel room where we all lodged after a trip from our house in Ibadan the previous night to be part of the big event in Abuja.

The stage was set, the lighting was perfect and of cause very captivating, the sound was so good to the ears, my respected Egbon on the wheel of steel; DJ Gosporella, testing the sounds and making sure all was set for the night. The artists were arriving and I am giving the compere the program load down of the event tonight. It was the end of the project (Two Nations, One culture, one Product) touring both Ghana and Nigeria and it’s been wrapped up with a Gala Night and Exhibition, a project sponsored by a Japanese multinational conglomerate, the world third largest manufacturer of cameras- SONY, unveiling their newest Alpha line DSLR with the latest technology, meeting the curiosity of photographers, in both countries. The event is also a fund raising one for my non-profit organization that reach out to youths and the disabled but particularly, this Night is also to raise funds for Autistic children in my NGO, my way of giving back to the society. It was the Nigeria Edition with the federal ministry of art and culture which is rounding up at the Federal Capital Territory Abuja, Nigeria at the Transcorp Hilton hotel which saw the likes of the first lady, my mentors in photography, the SONY crew well represented, delegates from Ghana as well photographers and several minister at the unveiling of the outcome of the nationwide tour between the two powerful countries with the exhibition of the shots that has gone viral and comments from around the world startle me.

There I sat watching the event unfolds and all I could say was thank you Lord. We have come a long way into this and I really don’t know how I merit this. Could it be because I share from both root, my dad being a Ghanaian and my mum from Nigeria. I sighed and looked into my wife eyes, she nodded with my hands been squeezed, she can see through me perfectly. That was all I need from her because she has been a part and my no one fan since my intention of going full time into photography. It’s been 11 years since I graduated from the university, with no regrets. One moment to the other, it was fun packed as different artist entertain the audience.

At the end of the day, I breath a sign of relief when A call came in on my phone, it was from the president and CEO of Sony Corporation congratulating me on a job well done with commendation on both the record sales of their Alpha line camera that is introduced to the market, its rating has gone up in no time he said to me and the event of the day was colorful stating he could only live stream due to some meetings he was having with some other CEOs. I also sincerely returned my appreciation, stating how privileged I was working with their giant brand. Before he dropped the call, he said a CEO friend of his saw my work and was highly impressed, check your email, my friend send you a job. The call dropped. After the night was totally over, on my way to the room, I checked my mail. It was from the CEO of AIRBUS Group wanting me to cover their world tour of the new electric airplane the company just launched. Wow! Godwin was all I could shout. All road leads to Blagnac, France for the world tour. Excited I am as I sing my way down to the room. I enjoyed the rest of the night with my wife.
My flight back home is at 6am and I’m really looking forward to the homecoming, it’s been months that I left home for my documentary project. I just have few days to spend at home, I thought in my mind. Bless God. My name is Alexander Yirenkyi and am a photographer.

It is said that the present is pregnant with the future, Voltaire (1694-1778)

Weekly Accountability Report by Charis 5 Photography

The photography journey so far has been wonderful and very challenging. Right in the heart of those challenges have quite learnt some few do’s and don’ts, just like the usual saying ‘experience is the best teacher’. This is year I have assisted some of my colleagues in the industry in covering their jobs (mostly weddings). Surprisingly enough my major work so far in this year has been on preggy, babies, (mostly friends I persuade in other to build portfolios- so no many per say) children birthdays, product shoots and street documentaries. Talking about street documentaries, I realized in my area the sky is always beautiful and ever dramatic any time of the day, so began to take pictures of that especially in the morning around 6:30am. I also took pictures of the work in progress of my landlord new 4bedroom flat; market scenes daylight and at night; Pictures of the first fly over bridge in Abeokuta.

And just on Sat 2nd of May, I started the documentary on the Mad personality on the street of metropolitan cities. To achieve I travelled to Abeokuta and at the moment 2 serious mad people at different locations has been covered.

Hope to have up to 10 of them before the month runs out God helping me. (Posing them might be a serious issue anyways *smiles*).Moreover the project ‘women in business’ has also commenced right away, and along side taking pictures of interesting men in business as well. Just within few days I started,I realized small scale enterprises(sme) is the order of the day in our part of the country. Wondering how it does affect the nation’s GDP.
Now, just yesterday I did a preggy shoot for a couple friend who I’m trying to woo photo graphically. Having prepared my gadgets and charged the ‘chargeables’, getting there, after few shots, my flash messed up! I mean it just stopped coming up and no back up flash. I resolved to using the pop-up flash though it wasn’t the fill I wanted but I was glad I was no longer seeing a dark Lcd screen after each shot. Glad I wasn’t missing the beauty and different compositions at the moments. Finished up and dragged myself home around past 8pm in the rain. Then I remembered again for the umpteenth time that I have signed up a weekly report with my mentor who hardly forgets things. As I sat down before the table to begin my report, I just couldn’t come up with anything. It was a scene of the ‘spirit is willing but the flesh is week’. I looked at the bed, it was beckoning and I eventually crawled on it. I thank God for the whole day and asked the Holy spirit to wake me up early enough to put this piece before you together. Ever faithful, he did! Really so happy this will be entering your mail 2hrs before the set time.

Right now at the moment I really long for substantial clients, seems I give more than I’m being paid. More or less is been free or appreciative tokens in the past few months of the year.

At this junction I say good morning sir.

Still yours in biz,
Tosin Bakre
For Charis 5.