The Day I Shot Jesus: Chapter 6

The hotel was one of the evidence that the wisdom of God cannot be paralleled with man’s wisdom. Using technology that was way beyond man’s imagination, the 180-storey hotel had been built in a record 73 days. The segment of construction that took the most time – 6 days – was the 18-feet foundation that utilized a new type of concrete that solidified within 5 minutes. Usually a building like this would have taken 2-5 years minimum to construct in the pre-rapture days (depending on the country that got the contract) but the presence of heavenly beings – 85 angels and the supervision of the owner who had studied heavenly architectural engineering – this edifice broke all records when construction concluded over 80 years ago.

I realized the person portrayed in the second statue that stood about 8 feet away from Jesus. It wasn’t a coincidence that it was his statue that would be placed besides the Lord’s; he was (& is) the owner of the prestigious hotel. As the statue of David stood 15 feet high, one could tell without researching into the pages of history that the man represented by the artistic musgravite is indeed a great man. This hotel was one of the luxurious properties that David had erected. Although he wasn’t in Jerusalem at the moment, he is one of the busiest person I’ve been trying to photograph. 12 days earlier, I had finally locked in an appointment to give a session to one of the greatest grandfather of Jesus. David’s Date will be September 29, 2037. I had less than 4 months to be prepared.

Come to think of it, I almost forgot to give Tosin her birthday gift. Clocking almost 160 years is something to be grateful for. Ever since I’ve known the almost-6feet glorified being, her hunger for education has challenged me. Consequently, she had written over 132 books on diverse topics and is currently working on a title she calls FULFILLING YOUR PHOTOGRAPHY DESTINY. I reached into my pocked for the gift I had planned for her. Maybe I’ll give her after the session with Jesus, I thought.

John headed towards a group of women that seemed to have been expecting our arrival. With all the attention on me regarding this session of the Millennium, my previous self would have been brimming with shyness. However, I had gotten used to being treated as royalty whenever I’m on an assignment for the King. Infact, there’s a special way Jesus makes every citizen of the kingdom – whose life he administers – feel special. One day I would not forget was the day He had sent David to my residence in Akonko on my birthday 4 years ago with a special song jointly composed by David & Jesus. Talk of one of the joys of serving. The goose bumps on my body that day were as big as the pimples I had as a teenager. I think I’ve digressed a bit. Where was I? Oh, yes, the company of women.


I recognized that voice from anywhere. Its interesting how one would know the voice of a friend from the many voices of the 4.27 billion people on earth. Especially when you’ve spent quality time in the heavenly residence of someone you consider a sister. Favour shouted my name 2 more times before jumping on me and giving me a kiss on my left cheek. "We’ve been expecting you"

If you were an onlooker, you would have thought that this re-uniting "couple" had not seen each other since the second coming. If you were an onlooker, you would have been so wrong to think that. Though I had met Favour in 2012 (at Daystar Christian Centre when I taught her photography during a 2-week skills acquisition program), she was one of those that had resurrected in the twinkling of an eye to meet Jesus in the air during the Rapture. We had reunited in our residence in heaven and I had met her recently (just 4 weeks ago) in Alexandria (in Northern Egypt) during one of my documentary photography projects. I had visited Egypt to take pictures of the streets wherein Apostle Mark was dragged by horses to his death because he was preaching the Gospel.

She quickly grabbed my hand and held it tightly as if she was about to give me a tour of the hotel. She proceeded to introduce me to the other 5 ladies that were awaiting our arrival. Apparently a small dinner had been planned for 12 midnight for the photographer that will shoot our Lord.

Time stamp: 11:32pm

I was introduced to Mary Magdalene, Martha (Lararus’ brother), Ruth Obed, Ruth Graham, & Ruth Munroe. I had met the first 3 women a few years earlier but this would be the first time I would meet Billy Graham’s wife & Myles Munroe wife.

To be continued…

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