The Day I Shot Jesus: Chapter 5

About 8 feet before we entered the building, I was irresistibly drawn to a beautiful phenomenon on the right side of the hotel. Its a scene I had seen too many times since the Lord retuned to earth to rule it. Its a scene that sends a poetic message to every fibre of my being each time I see it. I had seen it countless times before but it brings tears to my eyes each and every single time. As Folu handed me yet another handkerchief, I stared with teary eyes at the scene that seemed to distract me for a moment. Asking for forgiveness once again for wasting John’s time, I watched 3 animals that played together on the green field just 15 feet from the hotel’s entrance. A lion, a zebra & a lamb cuddled each other while eating what seemed to be their dinner: grass

The scene reminded me of my beloved pet in my Akonko residence. In 2098 I had gotten a Siberian tiger on one of my visits to Baku, Azerbaijan. Though the then-276kg-6-year-old was considered a toddler, Ofufu (as I called him) was a cat whose nature reminded me of my father: gentle, forgiving & unconditionally loving. These were attributes that could not have been mentioned when talking about "wild" animals before our Lord’s return.

Apparently the physical presence of Jesus on the planet heralded a change in the nature of animals that were previously considered as wild. Apparently the wildness of their nature was one of the consequences of Adam’s disobedience in Eden. [Talking of Adam, its been about 5 months since we chatted via webogram. Note to self: call Adam when you're done with Jesus' session]. Apparently quite a number of animals had returned to eating grass, green leaves and fruits. Apparently this lion was no different and their new diet also resulted to them living longer than their pre-rapture colleagues.

I would later discover that the hotel had about 13 different lions lurking around the premises of the hotel. The most beautiful of the lions was one that was pink in colour. Never in my life had I imagine I would see a yellow lion. I smiled and blessed God for the privilege to be among the living that would witness such a beauty.

We entered the 100-square-metres lobby of the hotel and 2 statues were obvious to anyone whose eyes were in working order. At 15 feet high, the statue of Jesus was a beauty to behold especially when you consider the fact that it was hewn out of one the rarest & most expensive gems on earth: musgravite. The smile on the face of Jesus’ statue always brings a smile on the face of whoever beholds it.

Suddenly, Joash bursted out in heavenly excitement and shouted at the top of his voice HALLELUJAH. For what seemed to be approximately 90 seconds, he started dancing sporadically to music that seemed to be only heard by him. I was used to such sporadic expression of Joy. As he finished dancing, I moved over to where he was standing beside John and asked "HOW MANY & WHERE?"

Apparently every angel had been programmed to sense & rejoice whenever someone on earth gives their life to Christ (by accepting him as Lord & Saviour). They also seemed to know the location where this monumental miracle occurs.

"25 people in Ankara, Turkey."

Everyone of us shouted "Hallelujah" and raised our hands to heaven with one accord. Judging by the number of people, it must have been at a church program that was currently holding in the Northeastern part of Turkey. Glory to God in the highest.

Time Stamp: 11:25pm Jerusalem Time.

It was at that very moment that I simultaneously came to the realization of how beautiful the hotel we just entered was. I had heard of the beauty of such an edifice. I had passed the entrance of its gates countless times. I had admired it from afar. But this was the first time I will be lodging in the most beautiful hotel on planet earth. Located at the centre of about 6 hectares of land, the New Gate Hotel was an edifice made entirely from one of the most precious gems on earth: DIAMOND.

To be continued…

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