The Day I Shot Jesus: Chapter 4

I would eventually meet the only lady among the welcoming ambassadors Jesus had sent to greet me. I smiled. I had known her longer than any of the other men I had just greeted. I met her in Lagos over 120 years ago. She waved her SILT K5 camera at me and muttered the words "I got one too". With a warm hug that seemed to last longer than the one I gave John, she muttered "My Father, my Father". And with a kiss to her forehead, I told Tosin I had missed her so much.

She held on to my hand the way my daughter Ebenezer would hold me when she was 2 years old. Come to think of it, it just occurred to me that I had not put a call through to my daughter to let her know I arrived safely. I pleaded with John the beloved to give me 1 minute to quickly tell Ebenezer I had arrived safely in Jerusalem.

Though 124 years old, Ebenezer sounded young and vibrant on the phone. She was still in her innocent years when the Rapture had happened and was one of the millions of children that disappeared in the fraction of a second. That singular event would go down on record as the most catastrophic "unexplainable" event that caused monumental havoc in every single city on the planet. Little did the inhabitants of earth know that it was not just explainable, more catastrophic scenarios were about to unfold within the 84+ months to follow. Less than 20% of those left behind will live to see the Lord’s triumphant return. Ebenezer would eventually return with the millions of angels that escorted Jesus on His return.

How is Cyprus, I quizzed. "Hope the kids are not too much of a trouble this semester?" 53 years earlier, Ebenezer had started a music & dance school at the leading of the Lord in the city of Nicosia. Heavily affected by the plagues & wars of the tribulation period, Cyprus had reduced from a population of over 1.8 million people to a nation of less than 115,000 at the Lord’s return. The island was one of those terribly affected when a star – Wormwood – fell from outer space and leveled some islands.

Ebenezer’s ministry was part part of the Lord’s plan rebuild the nation. We exchanged Greetings in Cypriot Greek and I promised to give her the full gist once I was done with Jesus’ shoot. Her last words before we ended the call was "there’s a BIG surprise Jesus is planning for you and He’s so excited about the shoot." What could this surprise be? I wondered.

The time is 11:17pm. I had kept the entourage of 22 waiting for longer than I planned. I apologized to them but their excitement at my presence seemed to eliminate any potential for them to get angry at whatever I do. With Folu on my right side and John on my left, we proceeded to enter the lounge of the first 10 star 180-storey hotel on earth.

About 8 feet before we entered the building, I was irresistibly drawn to a beautiful phenomenon on the right side of the hotel. Its a scene I had seen too many times since the Lord retuned to earth to rule it. Its a scene that sends a poetic message to every fibre of my being each time I see it. I had seen it countless times before but it brings tears to my eyes each and every single time. As Folu handed me yet another handkerchief, I stared with teary eyes at the scene that seemed to distract me for a moment. Asking for forgiveness once again for wasting John’s time, I watched 3 animals that played together on the green field just 15 feet from the hotel’s entrance. A lion, a zebra & a lamb cuddled each other while eating what seemed to be their dinner: grass

To be continued…

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