The Day I Shot Jesus: Chapter 2

"Phone call for you sir," Folu interrupted. It was the makeup artist. She was wondering why we are yet to get to the hotel. "Don’t worry Ofure, we’ll be there in 6 minutes." I dropped the call and hurriedly boarded the David OXY 2.1 luxurious car that had been sent to pick us up. Ever since 2014 when Israel developed a car that could run on "air" as fuel, the technology had been refined and improved upon. Not only do we now have cars that can run on "air" as fuel, we now had cars that run on "water" as a fuel system. What made the David OXY 2.1 unique was the fact that it was the first car that not only uses water as a fuel mechanism; the waste product from its emission system was oxygen. Now we had cars that worked like trees in the sense that they emitted oxygen as waste, a waste that is essential to human survival.


My battery alarm on my transparent flexi-phone just alerted me. I quickly placed my thumbnail on the charging point situated at the back of the phone to charge it with the electricity that my body released. 2 minutes later, my Carol 6u phone was charged and ready to work for another 8 weeks.

I checked the time. It was 11pm. But yet the sky was as bright as daylight. This was one of the scientific phenomenon that the world had experienced since Jesus returned to rule the earth decades earlier. Prior to his return, the dictionary definition of night was basically "the period of darkness in each twenty-four hours". After His return, the definition of night was simply "the time from sunset to sunrise". This was because even when the sun had set, the glory that emanated from Jesus was enough to literally light up the world, a phenomenon that seemed to counter scientific logic.

So here I was in the back seat of my driverless David OXY 2.1 looking outside the window as if trying to spot the exact source of the illumination of the sky. I was looking for the star that was illuminating the earth at an hour that ought to have been considered "dark". It occurred to me that the star wasn’t in the sky, it was in Jerusalem and I was on my way to His palace later in the "night" to shoot him. I felt a million goose pimples shoot through my body.

I never realized my dream could come true. Never. But then He had kept to his word when He told me to "Ask & you shall receive". In 2013 I had prayed for the opportunity to photograph him in a session when He returned to earth. It was one of those prayers I had said without 100% faith in my heart that he would grant my request. Little did I know that my request had been noted in the records in Heaven. 124 years later, the the physical manifestation of my request was being made manifest.

I shed a few tear.

"Is my boss emotional again," Folu queried. I turned to look at him only to see that he was already handing me an handkerchief. He had worked with me on different assignments for over 29 years and had gotten used to my emotional tendencies which were usually triggered when I thought of the goodness of the Lord. He had also come a long way in the service of the Master. Although he was one of the most revered pastors in Africa, Folu had missed the rapture….

To be continued…

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