4 Days to Nigeria Photography Expo & Conference #NiPHEC2015

4 Tiān duō qù shèyǐng àihào zhě de zuìdà guīmó​​de jùhuì: Nírìlìyǎ shèyǐng zhǎnlǎn hé huìyì. Liù yuè 13 rì zhì 20 rì,2015 nián ābù jiǎ hé lā gè sī. Fǎngwèn www.Niphec.Com/seminars

4 siwaju sii ọjọ lati lọ si fun awọn tobi apejo ti Photography awọn ololufẹ: Nigeria Photography Expo & alapejọ. June 13 – 20, 2015. Abuja & Lagos. Be www.niphec.com/seminars fun ìforúkọsílẹ awọn alaye. #NiPHEC2015 #NiPHEC

4 more days to go for the largest gathering of Photography lovers: Nigeria Photography Expo & Conference. June 13 – 20, 2015. Abuja & Lagos. Visit www.niphec.com/seminars for registration details. #NiPHEC2015 #NiPHEC

4 ọzọ ụbọchị na-aga n’ihi na ndị kasị ibu nzukọ nke Photography hụrụ: Nigeria Photography Expo & Conference. June 13 – 20, 2015. Abụja & Lagos. Gaa www.niphec.com/seminars maka aha nkọwa. #NiPHEC2015 #NiPHEC

One comment

  1. Agbadagri Frank · June 10, 2015

    Good day Sir. How was your day and how is preparation for the conference going. I pray God renew your strength like that of an eagle as you are set to raise photographers like me from nothing to World class photographers. God bless you Sir. Sir I would like to confirm that you got my text on the classes I registered 4 and the books I want to buy. Thank you so much for your availability. Agbadagri Frank 08138132080


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