Dear Kaduna Photographers….

Dear Kaduna Photographers,

Today’s scheduled workshop had to be cancelled  because we had an issue with the leadership of the photographers’ association over there.


Apparently they want us to settle them before we can hold a workshop there and are upset that we didn’t consult them before deciding to advertise the workshop. Although their argument that we’re committing a crime by planning to defraud photographers of their hard-earned N2k is borne out of ignorance of what we’re trying to achieve in the photography industry.

Consequently they’ve threatened to do whatever it will take to disrupt the workshop & I personally don’t have the energy at this point to face them knowing that I’ll be travelling by road to reach Kaduna (from Jos). If you’re a member of such an association that fights back at a good thing coming their way, please reconsider your reasons for joining as this will inadvertently result in the dwarfing of your photography career.

For those that are ignorant of the law, you’re only mandated to join an association if your photography business is NOT registered with the government (via Corporate Affairs Commission). And even if that is the only association that exists, you have the government’s permission to start another association that will be beneficial to the group of photographers that want to move forward in their careers. I wish you the best in your photography endeavours & pray that mindsets of people that think that my presence in Kaduna (or any other city) is a threat to their “territory” will eventually see the light at the end of the tunnel. If you happen to change your mind before the forthcoming Nigeria Photography Expo and Conference 2015 (which holds from June 13 to 15 in Abuja), I will personally make sure you get a a few complimentary tickets to attend some of the classes. Visit for registration details.

To the leadership of the photography association, thanks for saving me the stress,  time &  money of getting to Kaduna. The rewarder of man will bless all our efforts. Let me go back to my comfortable bed and rest awhile, for there are 6 more photography territories to be conquered.

Port Harcourt, here I come.

Photographically yours,
Seun Akisanmi, for #NiPHEC2015


  1. xtreme24photography · May 13, 2015

    Hello… please when is the turn of Abuja and how much does it cost to attend…. also want to ask if you know of any photography association in ABUJA… I would need their contact… thanks


    • eloPhotos · May 18, 2015

      There’s no photography association in Abuja that we’re aware of. Also, the abuja edition of the workshop has passed but you can be a part of the forthcoming conference. Visit for details


      • xtreme24photography · May 18, 2015

        Ok, I just went through the link you sent me and I feel I would be able to attend some classes…. and hoping to register before the deadline…. just hope the location for the photo walk would be communicated to us in due time, I feel I can squeeze out time to attend,


  2. Agbadagri Frank · May 22, 2015

    Hello Sir i sent you a mail with another emaol ‘’ And said u should reply by sending to me. But i didnt see it. Can you please seend me the rwply. Thanks. Frank Agbadagri.


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