Preaching the Gospel of Photography

It is official. We’ll be going on air beginning March 10, 2015 by 12 noon. The Gospel of Photography is a program where we discuss & address issues in the photography industry with the goal of making you not just a better photographer but also someone that appreciates the profession. Kindly subscribe to the YouTube channel so that you’ll be among the first to be updated once a new episode is uploaded (on YouTube) every Tuesdays. The program will first be airing on Dove TV (available on Startimes, Consat, MyTV & ROKU) every Tuesdays from 12pm – 12:30pm. For questions & suggestions, send us a mail at



  1. seyijoseph · March 6, 2015

    A great idea, this is worth waiting for.


  2. Lilywhite · March 16, 2015

    Its an innovative idea. Its going to move the photographic industry to greater heights


  3. Anonymous · July 16, 2015

    Pls i luv all dis camera work but people i hv come across @ failing my spirit bcus i cnt afford their pribe.pls i need jst ready learn & work


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