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Over 25 Workshops, Over 20 Facilitators, Over 2000 Photographers, 2 cities, ONE Conference. Kindly download and share the following graphics on your social media platform and help us spread the good news of photography. Click HERE for registration details.

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FINALLY OUT: NiPHEC 2015 Schedule

Breaking news: Nigeria Photography Expo and Conference (NiPHEC) 2015 Schedule is finally up.

Visit to view a list of classes you can take during the forthcoming Nigeria Photography Expo and Conference 2015. This year’s edition holds in Abuja & Lagos. Network with top photographers in the industry: Jide Odukoya, Shola Animashaun, George Okoro,  Uche James-Iroha,  Richard Eko,  Aisha Augie-Kuta, George Osodi & many more.

Got questions & suggestions? Send us a mail at or drop a message on our fb page (

The Luxurious Hotel “Potential” Client

"Am I on to someone from eloPhotos Studio?"

It was the voice of a gentleman in his mid thirties. Apparently we had been recommended to him for a photography job he had.

He asked if I knew a luxurious Hotel situated on Lagos island and I replied in the affirmative. He explained that he needed me to take just about 5 or 6 pictures of the Hotel for him to use to develop the hotel’s website. "So how much would it cost," he concluded.

I explained to him that I don’t just take "5 pictures" and that he needed to send a mail explaining in full details what he was expecting from the photographer. I told him I can’t just give a price over the phone for something like that; the price quote was dependent on the time & skill level it will take to get those 5 pictures. He sounded like I was making a big deal out of nothing and didn’t seem to understand why I can’t just give him a price right "now". He insisted that he needed to send the quote to his boss in 3 minutes and that I shouldn’t waste his time by telling him to send a mail; besides he just explained what he wanted.

So I finally gave in to his autocratic demand. I explained to him that the last job we did for a hotel took us over 2 weeks to document. The hotel was (& still is) based in Abuja and they wanted pictures of the different parts of the Hotel for their yearly calendar. I explained that we billed the hotel N150k "per day" for the shoot and concluded the conversation with a question that made him pause for 1.5 seconds: "Do you have that amount as a budget to start with?"

He responded with the words I’ve heard so many times from inquiring potential clients: I’LL GET BACK TO YOU. There was a way he said it that made me sense that he probably would NOT get back to me. I sense that he may have gotten the impression that either I was proud or too expensive. Sometimes people misinterpret as PRIDE the responses you get from a confident service-provider who knows his worth. I think I tried to be as diplomatic as possible.

However, My rule still stands. I usually don’t recommend giving prices for products/services over the phone unless I’ve gotten a detailed email breaking down the expectations of the client. Either the client or service-provider could forget what was discussed but no one would forget if the conversation was done via mail.

Or how else do you think I could have handled the luxurious hotel "potential" client?

Preaching the Gospel of Photography

It is official. We’ll be going on air beginning March 10, 2015 by 12 noon. The Gospel of Photography is a program where we discuss & address issues in the photography industry with the goal of making you not just a better photographer but also someone that appreciates the profession. Kindly subscribe to the YouTube channel so that you’ll be among the first to be updated once a new episode is uploaded (on YouTube) every Tuesdays. The program will first be airing on Dove TV (available on Startimes, Consat, MyTV & ROKU) every Tuesdays from 12pm – 12:30pm. For questions & suggestions, send us a mail at