“PUNISHMENTS” We Endured While Growing Up in NIGERIA

I recently embarked on a project to document the exercises (punishments) some of us endured while growing up. Thanks to the parents, teachers, uncles & cousins that gave us such as punishments, some of us can never be FAT in our lives. The “poses” depicted in these pictures might seem normal to you. However, you’ll realize they’re sweat-provoking once you replicate it for 10 minutes or more. Even our model Emmanuel Omole was almost giving up on us. Please kindly mention the EXERCISE you were given the most while growing up. Mine was number 8, 9 and 12. Kindly help with the names also.
Nigerian punishments (1)

Nigerian punishments (2)

Nigerian punishments (3)


  1. Israel · September 9, 2014

    Wow.. These exercises ar creatively wicked!!.. I had to deal with 7(smoking a cigarette), 9(pick pin), and 13(riding a bike)


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