Taking A Bow

To God almighty The keeper of my dreams, The author and finisher of my faith, without YOU I’m nothing, neither would I even had a clue what I am or what my purpose is. Without your vision, I would simply be a nobody, and so I THANK YOU.

Let’s take a minute silence for my heroine, my role model, my mother, my best friend, my Gold, the irreplaceable. I love you but God loves you so much that you can’t be elsewhere today but with him. But I know if the dead can see the living like in Nollywood, I’m sure you are proud of me. Thank you for nurturing me with your prayers, critics and advise. Miss our long boring gists. I’ll wish for another life with you over and over again. Love you mummy. RIP.

When I decided to attend eloPhotos Academy, I asked a friend who happened to be a Photographer and he said “why do you want to waste your money… All you will be taught is same as what I have taught you” but today I will like to thank my dear friend and to let him know that life as a photographer is beyond viewing a shallow depth of field; the dream has to be large and clear enough for you to see, pursue and make it. Dear friend I’m made, and may I say that coming to eloPhotos Academy is one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life.

Seun Akisanmi – The creator, I actually know you don’t like to be praised so I will try not to. But sincerely as much as my sister likes Chimanda so well to want to name her daughter after her, I wouldn’t mind naming my son after Seun Akisanmi, that is if Mrs Akisanmi wouldn’t mind anyway. “Oga” as I like to call him (pauses) …Thank You sir. Thank you for molding me for free, Thank you for teaching me for free. Thanks for inspiring me. If I had paid double the fee it’s still not worth my value now. I thank God for God in you and for your life. Keep soaring higher than an eagle!

Abimbola Adeniyan, my first love, my father, my guardian, my friend. Saying I love you is not enough, saying thank you isn’t enough, I pray you live long to enjoy the ripe fruit of your labor. Amen! Thank you for your financial support and thank you for believing in me. Thank you for waiting up for me at work just to drive me home in your safe hands. Thanks for your understanding. I pray that God will find your heart. Thank you daddy.

To my entire family, my brothers, Tayo and Bayo, to my second best friend-my sister,” DentdocDekky” thank you so much.
To my practical specimen, my friends, thank you guys for your love, thank you for believing in me. Thank you for tolerating me may the good God bless you beyond your deeds.

To my fellow students at eloPhotos academy. You guys are the best. Thank you for making me laugh, thank you for frustrating me. Thank you for teaching me how to tolerate people and love beyond flaws. I’ll miss you all so much, but I’ll love to miss you guys because I can’t stay. lol.

To my sister from another mother, my senior colleague. A woman of inestimable value, My role model and my friend Kikelomo Koleosho… The best babies and maternity Photographer Africa has ever produced. Thank you for never trying to flatter me, thank you for inspiring me, thank you for your support, I love you girl!

To all my senior colleagues that impacted in me: Tunde Ogunjobi, Toye Peters, Femi Adewuyi, Olamide Bakare, Tayo Dmob Photography. Thank you all.

And for you reading this and hoping to join eloPhotos academy , you’ve made your first best decision by checking the site out, make your second best by enrolling.Meet me at the top!

I’m Temitope Adeniyan a fresh Graduate of the best photography school in Nigeria, eloPhotos Academy. I Take a bow……

Note: Attached to this are pictures I took at a wedding I crashed in this weekend.

Contact us on 08120129149, 08023008873 or info@elophotos.com for a detailed list of options of classes to take at eloPhotos Academy. It will be the best investment you’ll make in your journey to photography greatness. A new session begins September 1, 2014 ++++++++++++++++++++++++

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