The 3-in-1 Experience

And that was how Mr Seun walked in briskly in the early hours of Tuesday morning and made us to understand that the remaining part of the week was going to be a busy one full of events. We were all happy because it was a chance for us to practice or better still gain some experience.

Dr Femi Adewuyi was to come later in the day to teach us about light, how to use it and above all how to see it. Before now, we all had the belief that the only way to see light was through the source you power it from not knowing that there was LIGHT all around us and all we need is just to see it. Dr Femi went ahead to teach us more about natural light (which is also called the ambience light), and how to bring about soft light and hard light by balancing both to get a beautiful picture. What an awesome experience with a teacher of light. Now I can see light every were I go.

Little did I know that a bigger experience was on the way for me and this boils down to my major experience for the week with the lady called KIKE of Red19 Photography.

We covered a burial that was all about this “old” woman that died at the age of 69 and left a legacy behind based on the way people were talking about her good deeds. The tears that was dripping down from her love ones’ eyes could make an ocean.

Then I said to my self only if she could wake up to see this. But one thing got me thinking: if truly they were going to miss her as they all portrayed, then they should have as well gotten into the grave with her when she was being laid down to rest. But nobody had that guts. It reminded me that someday somehow we all are going to say good bye to this wonderful world.

Nobody wants to die, but be as it may we all would pay our dues someday. I just pray it will be a fulfilled life for me and you in the presence of The Lord.

When people try explaining to me the differences between a professional photographer and a “wait & get photographer” (I.e. PAPAPA photographer), I get confused because I feel they all take pictures. It wasn’t until I had my own first hand experience on what a “wait & get” person will have to go through before collecting money for a picture he spent time to take.

There was a guy who called me and told me he took a picture of the musician of the event but was not allowed by the bouncer of the event to make delivery. This prompted me to ask how much his pictures were only for him to tell me it was just N200. I shook my head in pity for him and murmured to myself “Never to be a liability that will have to beg people before I get noticed.

I really don’t want to be that kind of photographer that would beg and also be rubbished for a N200 pictures. Instead I want to be that photographer that would be appreciated by my clients after paying a large sum of money. 🙂

My name is Obaloluwa omole and I am proud to tell you that I am a world class photographer in-the-making.

What do you think?

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